Ten must have canned foods

Bega canned cheese
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Bread in a can - Raisin
Keystone Ground beef in a can 28-ounce
Yoders taco beef filling case
Brown bread in a can
Bacon in a can
canned butter
Case of canned hamburger
Yellow corn taco dinner kit
Kraft cheddar cheese in a can
Chocate pudding in a can
vanilla pudding
butterscotch pudding
tapioca pudding in a can
Thank you pudding in a can - vintage advertisement
Spaghetti and meatballs
Ten Must have cans for your emergency  food storage
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Chunky Chicken and Dumplings
Keystone Chicken
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  • Thank you Pudding. Yes, we found it and you're welcome!
    Thank You brand pudding is highly rated, and made with
    skim milk and no preservatives. There's nothing whatsoever
    that's "partially hydrogenated," unlike the snack packs.
    These desserts are velvety-smooth, and have a made-from-
    scratch taste. With a bold, rich and creamy texture, and
    several varieties, you're sure to find your favorite flavor.

    Choose from several varieties of Thank You puddings:
  • Chocolate is a popular pudding pie recipe filler
  • Vanilla is a favorite in the Midwest.
  • Butterscotch is ideal for enhancing cake flavors or
  • Tapioca is good enough to eat straight from the can.
  • Look also for banana pudding, lemon pudding or rice

So now you know, and now you can get your just desserts!

#6: Hamburger in a can!
Swift's Premium Canned Hamburgers were advertised in the
1950s as 'party-style" and "ready-cooked." Unfortunately,
preppers can no longer buy canned hamburgers for 50 cents a
can, but we have other excellent options.

If you're looking for a Yoders canned hamburger review, click the
link to the right and you'll see that it consistently gets a high 4.5-
star rating! Which is higher than the Keystone Ground beef, also
pictured right.

  • Yoder's canned hamburger. Yoders Canned hamburger,  
    pictured immediate right, is not in patty form. Yoder's
    hamburger is the top-shelf brand of ground beef hamburger
    in a can. Made the Amish way, Yoder's packs their quality
    hamburger in BPA-free cans and includes meat in the juices.
    Because of the special cans and canning process, Yoder's
    will last 10-15 years, unlike the canned foods you can get at
    the grocery store. Pictured right, Yoders hamburger will be
    just the start to your meat food storage,

  • Keystone Ground Beef, canned. Keystone ground beef is
    another excellent way for you to make a meal in crisis, such
    as spaghetti, chili-con-carne, tacos or sloppy joes. Pictured
    left, Keystone packs just beef and salt in a can. Keystone all
    natural, fully cooked ground beef is chunk style, which
    maintains its texture and flavor. This brand has no water or
    preservatives added. It's just beef and sea salt. The shelf
    life is 5 years. This is why it's cheaper than Yoders.  Still it
    makes a great addition to your food storage. Just be sure to
    buy it, use it and get some more. You'll always have
    something to serve for dinner if you do!

#7. Yoder's Canned taco meat.
While Yoders makes an excellent product of hamburger meat in a
can, there's no need to stock the spices if you have Yoder's
canned taco beef filling in your prepper's pantry.

Yoders Canned Taco Seasoned Beef is a convenient prep for
making nachos, tostadas, Mexican casseroles, tacos and chile con
carne. Like their other products, the cans are BPA-free and have a
special canning process that enhances their food storage shelf
life to upwards of 15 years. Good to know, but you'll want to
rotate the cans to keep your pantry stocked with food for an

Just open the can, heat and serve with your favorite chips,
tostada or taco shells. Try a Frito pie by laying down Fritos corn
chips, then mixing the canned taco filling with your favorite can
of beans and topping it all with freeze dried cheddar cheese.

If you've followed our
list of items to keep in the refrigerator,
then you will have onions in your refrigerator, and if you've
followed our list of the foods to stockpile before crisis, you'll
have the canned taco shells.

Here's a list of everything else you need to enhance your tostada
or taco:
  • Canned olives.
  • Freeze dried cheddar cheese.
  • Sour cream powder
  • Salsa

#8: Spaghetti and Meatballs.
Always have a meal on the shelf that's ready to go. Chef
Spaghetti & Meatballs is a meal in a can that gets
great ratings. It's food you know your kids will eat, but you'll love
it too. Supplement the meal with breadsticks. Pictured left, you
get 6 cans or 24 cans of Spaghetti and meatballs made of pork,
chicken and beef. Either way the price works out to about $2 can
with shipping.

Try also stocking freeze dried meatballs in your pantry, along
with your favorite pasta sauce, freeze dried cheese, and pasta
noodles so you'll always have a meal handy.

#9: Canned Chicken A La King.
Another meal on the shelf that's ready to eat is Swanson's
Chicken A La King (pictured at the bottom of the page) is
diced chicken in cream sauce with mushrooms and red peppers.
It's a good source of protein, fiber and vitamin A. It makes quick,
easy and delicious meal whether over toast, noodles or rice. Add
some green beans and your meal is complete. See also the can of
Swanson's Chicken and dumplings, both pictured below.

#10: Canned Whole Potatoes.
Made with whole new potatoes, Del Monte Whole New Potatoes
come with a FreshCut guarantee, but rest assured that they are
whole potatoes and not cut!

Pictured right, you can chunk Del Monte Whole New Potatoes into
our recipes or eat them straight from the can in an emergency
(they are better heated). Best of all, these whole new potatoes
won't fall apart. They are firm because they are packed fresh.
They are ideal in your soups and stews, or fried with an egg and
sausage on the side. You can even make a potato salad or
mashed potatoes!

Extra tips for canned foods

  • Ensure you have extra can openers around your preps.
    While there are ways to open a can in an emergency, it's
    much easier to have a good working can opener available
    and backups, too.

  • Add some military can openers to your prepping list. A
    five-pack of GI P-38 Can Openers costs around $3 and
    includes the shipping. Why not add a few to your bugout bag
    or keychain. While there are methods you can employ to
    open a can without a can opener, having this little device
    will relieve much stress from an already stressful situation.
    It's a little peace of mind carried by U.S. Military personnel.
    Make it part of your everyday carry.

  • Tuna Strainer. The tuna can strainer tool, pictured
    immediate right, keeps hands odor free and dry while
    draining liquids.

  • Rotation system. Set up a can rotation system.

Bonus Canned Foods to consider...
Now you know how to fill your prepper's pantry with the top cans
of luxury! Here are some other canned foods to consider:

  • Canned hummus. Made from garbanzo beans, hummus is
    high in protein and delicious with pita chips or corn chips.

  • Canned asparagus. Did you know asparagus is a vegetable
    loaded in protein? Asparagus also is a good source of
    chromium. fiber, folate, as well as Vitamins A, C, E and K.

  • Creamed, Chipped Beef. Mountain House Creamed Beef is
    like a trip back to the Great Depression -- or so they say.
    People of the Great Depression knew how to make a meal
    stretch and creamed beef on toast was just such a way. It
    provided a satisfying meaty meal.

We hope you've enjoyed our list of the top ten luxury canned
foods for the Prepper's Pantry. Remember to watch expiration
dates! What's on your list of canned food preppers should stock
in the pantry?

Imagine the possibilities of opening a can of bread and smearing
butter all over it, or getting a good start to the day with real
bacon from a can. Good things come to those who prepare!

Happy endings...
The best canned food for survival is meat. Canned meat is one of
the most valued items at the food banks.

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Ten "must have" canned foods
Ten extraordinary foods that come in a can

What's in your cupboard?
If you're like most preppers, you've got canned beans in the
cupboard, soups and
stews and ready to eat meals. That will
certainly keep you alive, but it will get tiresome day after day.
Why not have fun with your emergency
prepper food?

Check your prepper's pantry and see if you have the ten "must
have" cans to enhance your food storage...

Ten "Must Try" Canned Foods
If you're looking for canned food for your pantry, here's a happy
list of foods to enhance your food storage...

#1: Yoder's Canned Bacon.
Bacon is a favorite food of preppers. While the happy preppers
love camping with fresh bacon on the griddle, we find the easiest
prep is Yoder's Bacon in a can to bring camping (and it's
wonderful for food storage)! Yoder's canned bacon is pre-cooked
without all the fuss and has a delicious smoked flavor. We're not
sure how they did it, but the pack about 40 to 50 slices of bacon
(equal to 2.5-3.5 of uncooked bacon) in every can. Open and eat
this extraordinary prepper food straight from the can!

Yoder's cooks their bacon prior to canning, removing all excess
fat. It is then laid out on parchment paper, rolled and canned for
freshness. With a ten year shelf-life, you're sure to be happy with
this can in your preps. You can eat it right out of the can, pop it
into the microwave for a few seconds or warm it in a frying pan.
Anyway you serve it, you still have tasty bacon. Yoder's canned
bacon is apocalyptic heaven in a can — any prepper worth his or
her weight in salt can attest to that.

If you've ever Googled "Bacon Loving Prepper," you'll find us:

#2: Canned bread by B&M.
When the lights go out and stores have sold out of bread your
family can still enjoy this luxury! Imagine being able to serve
bread to your family without electricity and without a stove! With
a rich molasses taste, B&M Brown Bread in a can, available in
plain or raisin, has simple ingredients and you can eat this bread
straight from the can. (See right
B&M Brown Bread - plain and
B&M Brown Bread Raisin.)

There is no cholesterol in this classic bread. While there's no
need to cook, you can slice it, toast it, bake it, microwave it*, or
use it for sandwiches with cheese and luncheon meats! You can
also drop the can in boiling water after putting a hole in the can,
and serve with butter. Made with water, whole wheat flour salt
and corn oil, you'll enjoy Brown Bread in a Can the New England
way with the classic brick oven Boston baked beans.

    * If you microwave this bread, be sure to take it out of the
    can and place it on a plate!

#3: Canned butter.
You can't have your bread without your butter! Well technically
you can, but why would you knowing you can get
canned butter.

If you have been looking to add REAL butter - not powdered or
freeze dried - to your long term food storage program, then look
no further. This butter is imported from New Zealand and tastes
better than any gourmet butter. Very long shelf life. No
refrigeration necessary. Another great quality is its list of
ingredients: pasteurized cream and salt. That's it! No
preservatives, food colorings, or chemicals of any kind. Just
naturally made wholesome butter from down under. Best of all,
it's hormone free.

Sealed airtight for maximum freshness, Red Feather canned
butter delivers convenience in the form of extended shelf life and
easy distribution without the necessity of refrigeration. It has
also proven ideal for disaster preparedness, camping, boating,
and remote areas where refrigeration is not freely available.

#4: Canned cheese.
There is good news for the prepper's pantry in that manufacturers
have canned ready to eat cheese!
Bega canned cheese, right, and
Kraft pasteurized prepared cheddar cheese in a can. Look also for
freeze dried cheese that's powdered for recipes like mac and
cheese, or shredded which requires it to be reconstituted with
water for other recipes.

  • Bega Canned Cheese. Have Austrailian cheddar cheese on-
    hand anytime with Bega Canned Cheese. The cheese has
    made in Australia in the town of Bega for more than 100
    years! Bega cheese, pictured immediate left, is a shelf
    stable cheese ready to spread on crackers or bread. It tastes
    much like Velveeta cheese, only it's better for you because
    it's real cheese and without food coloring. Pair it with pilot
    bread or your favorite crackers. To serve, just cut the can
    with a can opener on both the top and the bottom, so you
    can slide out the cylinder of cheese and slice it. This cheese
    is tasty and will last you 10 years!

  • Kraft Pasteurized Prepared Cheddar Cheese Product.
    Made from real cheese and an excellent source of calcium,
    Kraft Pasteurized Cheddar Cheese Product comes from the

#5: Pudding in a can.
Puddings are full of dairy goodness, but the boxed kind (and
some of the freeze dried #10 cans) require milk, mixing and
sometimes heating and refrigerating. Then there's the snack pack
variety with questionable ingredients and shelf life. We found a
classic brand online that's hard to find at the grocery stores, has
a long shelf life, and is edible straight from the can:
Shelby 10-pack emergency can openers
Del Monte Whole New Potatoes
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