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How the Amish Buy:
The Amish live frugally and hold on to their money. If they can
barter or make it themselves, they don't buy. In the book, Money
Secrets of the Amish, a book on finding true abundance in
simplicity, sharing and saving, Lorilee Craker, a New York Best-
selling author reveals tried and true financial habits of the Amish.
They are a frugal bunch who know how to repurpose, recycle and
reuse, but they also know how to "eat like royalty for a peasan'ts

For example:

  • Amish buy in bulk. Do as the Amish and buy dried grains,
    beans and legumes in bulk. You can store them easily in five
    gallon buckets.
  • Red and white wheat berries: Amish people love to
    bake friendship breads, make their own pizza, and
    cakes and cookies. This all begins with grain and a
    grain-mill. They buy in bulk and use as they need.
  • Milk: If you don't have a cow, buy powdered milk in bulk.
  • Sugar: If you can't grow your own sugar, then you may
    as well stash it in bulk.

Happy endings...
Amish live a simple life. Certainly, they will be the ones to live
through a catastrophic
ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP)!


The Amish lead an essential, simple life without electricity.
Stephen Scott and Kenneth Pellman have encapsulated Amish life
in their book, pictured right. Featured on the cover of this highly-
rated book is a simple lantern with a glass chimney.

  • light a room without electricity
  • keep warm without centralized heating
  • get around without a car,
  • communicate without a phone
  • cook and store food
  • pump water and wash clothes without electricity

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The Amish have attained sustainable off-grid lifestyle. Above, is how the
Amish live off the grid without electricity.

Here's how to do laundry the old fashioned way, without

Living without electricity
Just how do the Amish go about living without electricity and
running water?

How to do Laundry the Amish way.
Amish families get down and dirty working the farm, and they
have big families with more than six kids, which means they have
lots of laundry. You can imagine that laundry day (typically on a
Monday) has a hefty load with farm dirt and kid dirt, but they do
laundry without electricity. According to, the
Amish have the belief that
"too much reliance on public power
ties one too close to the world." So how do they do their laundry?
You may be surprised to learn the biggest secret about how the
Amish do their laundry.

How the Amish do their laundry.
Amish people today, use a generator to power their laundry, but
back in the day they did things the old fashioned way. They used
a washboard, basin and a wringer, then hung out their clothes to
dry. Here's
how to do the laundry without electricity.
Amish prepping skills
Learning from the Amish how to survive without electricity

How the Amish Live without Electricity (and how preppers can too)
The Amish can teach preppers much about surviving without
electricity and modern conveniences! The Amish people know how
to live without the convenience of electricity.

  • How do Amish do their laundry?
  • What is Amish friendship bread?
  • Where do Amish get their water?
  • How do the Amish keep warm in winter?

Observing the Amish lifestyle will divulge many secrets. If you
don't live in Amish territory, then you need only YouTube:
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