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Canned meat variety pack
Canned Meat Options
Best packaged and canned meats available for preppers

What is the best prepper protein? Meat!
Preppers ought to stock up on canned meat. Did you know it's the
most requested item at the food banks?

Canned meat is your best option for prepper protein because
meat is nature's most perfect source of protein and it may not be
available when you need it most. Stock up on canned meats for
your prepper's pantry, including canned bacon, ham, hamburger,
roast beef, chicken, turkey, fish, SPAM and more with ideas
below. . .

Canned Meats
Ask any prepper in remote parts of the country, like Alaska where
rely on canned meats for survival or Hawaii where the military got
locals hooked on
SPAM. Meat is an important part of prepping.
Unless you're a vegetarian, you'll want to put meat on the table
in hard times.  If everyone is hunting the resources will quickly
dwindle, so you'll need to add canned meat and dehyrated meats
to your stockpile.

Here are the best canned meat options available for preppers:

Canned Meat #1. Yoder's Canned bacon.
Did somebody say bacon? We sure did! From Yoder's comes bacon
in a can. Truly a prepper's miracle, canned bacon is an option that
you might not know you had because you wouldn't find it at the
grocery stores. With a smoky flavor and a long shelf life, you'll be
glad to have Yoder's canned bacon in the prepper's pantry. You
get about 40 slices per can of fully cooked bacon, drained of fat.
This meat candy has a 10 year shelf life.

Yoder's canned bacon as a side for your favorite breakfast,
or chop and mix these bacon strips into your egg dishes or
pastas. With these smokey goodness, these bacon strips useful
to make BLT sandwiches, or to wrap them around veggies for the
barbecue or chop the strips to top a spinach salad. The list is

Canned Meat #2: Canned Hamburger.
Hamburger comes in a can! Canned hamburger (ground beef)
generally isn't available in the grocery stores, yet it's readily
available online and sold out quickly thanks in part to the
HappyPreppers who shared it with you. Keystone ground beef
came about after Yoder's gained popularity with preppers and
survivalists. Watch the can size. There are two sizes, the larger
of which is 28 ounces.

  • Keystone Ground Beef. Fully cooked and ready to eat,
    Keystone Ground Beef is ground beef you can use for tacos,
    stews, spaghetti, soups, chilis, casseroles and more.
    Keystone Meats is an Ohio Proud United States Department
    of Agriculture (USDA) approved meat processing facility. It's
    a family owned and operated company. Keystone canned
    meat offers convenient healthy meals. Perfect for disaster
    preparation, camping provisions, or simple convenience at

  • Yoder's Canned hamburger. Made by Yoder's in Ohio in the
    Amish family tradition, Yoder's canned hamburger will feed
    your family in times of uncertainty in gourmet style. It's real
    canned hamburger meat that's non-perishable, requires no
    refrigeration and is ideal for camping, travel, and long-term
    food storage. Add Yoder's canned hamburger to your
    pantry with spaghetti sauce and noodles. Or pack this
    with some hamburger helper packages. If you don't end
    up eating this canned meat yourself, it would be a
    wonderful meal package to provide a food bank.
    Remember, this is pure meat in a can, which is quite the
    luxury in uncertain times.

  • Freeze dried beef patties. The most daring preppers will
    order freeze dried beef patties. These Freeze Dried
    Hamburger, Ground Beef Patties were manufactured by a
    large military defense contractor. Canned Freeze Dried
    Foods For Emergency And Long Term Storage Foods is a
    rather expensive novelty.

Canned Meat #3: Canned Beef Taco Filling.
Imagine opening a can of beef taco filling in a can and heating it,
opening a mylar bag of crunchy taco shells, or making your own
flour or corn tortillas, then garnishing your tacos with lettuce and
tomatoes from the garden. That luxury is possible when you plan
ahead with
Pace Taco Complete. Just heat the taco meat filling
packed with corn, red peppers, and black beans and stuff your
tortilla or taco shell. Dinner is served!

  • Taco tip: Use a foodsaver to make your corn tortilla shells
    have an extra long shelf life. Or learn to make corn tortillas
    from scratch from corn masa. It's very easy: just add water
    and fry.

  • NOTE: Yoders canned taco meat is no longer available. It
    was a delicious option, but you can also make your own taco
    filling with canned hamburger, which is likely why they pulled
    the product from their lineup, though you may still find it

Canned Meat #4: Keystone Pulled Pork.
Another canned meat option is pulled pork. Imagine enjoying
pulled pork sandwiches in an emergency.

  • Keystone Pulled Pork pictured right, is a delicious addition to
    your foods storage. Just add your favorite barbecue sauce
    and have some buns handy in the freezer. Fully cooked and
    ready to eat, Keystone Pork is tender, yet the chunk style
    maintains the texture and flavor you expect for your pulled
    pork sandwiches and recipes. All natural with no MSG or
    other preservatives, Keystone's pork gluten-free as well as
    low in sodium and fat.

Canned Meat #5: Keystone Beef.
It's nice to have a can of quality beef in the preppers kitchen to
help you weather a winter storm or to get through a personal
emergency. Keystone Beef is the hearty solution. The 28-ounce
can, right is ample for a family meal. Have it handy so you always
have the makings of dinner without heading for the grocery store.
Serve this canned beef as a stroganoff over egg noodles, or make
gourmet sloppy Joes. This delicious and minimally processed all
natural beef from Keystone comes in two sizes.

  • Another canned meat option is Libby's Roast beef. Parboiled
    and steam roasted with gravy, Libby's roast beef is great for
    burritos. It's also nice just served with vegetables, like
    mashed potatoes and peas. It's also meat suitable for your
    beef stroganoff recipe.

Canned Meat #6: Canned Ham.
Of all the canned meats in the prepper's pantry, canned ham is a
savory addition because of the flavor it adds to your recipes. Ham
is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner, making it the most
versatile of canned meats.

There are many varieties of canned hams, including freeze dried
canned ham, processed ham spreads (Underwood), pork chunks
(Yoder's), and premium whole ham in a can (DAK).  

  • DAK ham: Made in Denmark famous for delicious tasting
    hams, you'll love DAK canned ham for the taste and also for
    the easy to open lid and size. It's a popular Prepper brand
    because the can size fits in your hand. Small portions mean
    you'll have less waste. It's a fantastic deal if you can find
    this classic canned meat at the pharmacy , but it is hard to
    find and usually sold out. If you can buy DAK ham from a
    pharmacy or the canned meat section of your local grocery
    store you may find it for around $5 per can (about a pound of
    canned meat). You can buy a three-pack right, but the cost
    includes shipping.

  • Hormel Chunk Lean Smoked canned ham: Made from
    selected fresh hams trimmed of excess fat and gristle,
    Hormel chunk lean canned ham is another great source of
    protein with a delicious smoky flavor. Add canned ham
    chunks to pastas or make a ham salad for crackers. It is the
    best canned ham for the price.

  • Premium Quality Underwood Deviled Ham spread.
    Underwood's Deviled Ham Spread has held a cherished place
    in the American imagination since 1868! It's still made from
    the highest quality ham, cured in its natural juices, and a
    proprietary blend of natural spices. Eat it straight from the
    can without adding anything but a cracker or bread. One
    Prepper wrote "As an emergency/storage food or an 'I need
    to eat something right now before I pass out,' this stuff is
    great. Tasty too, always [is] a plus." Available in bulk, you
    can stock up on 48 of this classic canned meat. It's hard to
    find at your local grocery store.

  • Yoders canned pork.  Yoders canned pork chunks is 1-3/4
    pounds of U.S.-raised and commercially canned pork.Fully
    cooked and ready to eat, pork chunks are ideal for your food
    storage plan to make soups and stews. Yoders is made the
    Amish way and their canned foods last ten years.

Canned Meat #7: Mystery Meat.
There's no mystery, but Americans do love canned meats. The
most popular brands in the Prepper's pantry are SPAM and Vienna
Sausage. Sure, they have questionable nutritional value, but they
taste pretty good.

  • SPAM: Did you know SPAM is a combined word meaning
    "spiced ham." SPAM is America's favorite potted meat
    developed by Hormel for the United States Army in 1937.
    There's no mystery to this meat: it's made of pork shoulder
    and ham along with potato starch and loads of nitrate, but
    it's tasty for sandwiches and very convenient to have around
    the house for emergencies. SPAM is a classic and a favorite
    of Hawaiians who make SPAM sushi and also fried wok style
    and served over rice. Check out the recipe book, Hawaii
    Cooks with SPAM, right, to give an island feel to your recipes.

  • Pâté: Pâté is a French delicacy (or Belgian cuisine) of cooked
    meat and fat that's minced into a spreadable paste. This
    stuff sure beats SPAM! There are vegetarian varieties as
    well, but traditionally, pâté is made with meats. Whether
    salmon, duck, or liver or pork pâté, adding pâté to your
    Prepper's pantry will help add variety if not utter elegance.
    Try these suggestions:

  • Try Portlock Salmon pâté: Mild and savory smoked
    salmon pate from Portlock, left, will turn your pilot
    crackers into a party.
  • French liver and pork pate, comes canned.
  • Pâté de foie gras is made from the fattened livers of

  • Vienna sausage: What is Vienna sausage? Made of chicken
    and pork in a chicken broth, Vienna sausages are like cocktail
    weenies in a can and they're pretty good. They are a popular
    source of protein for a prepper's pantry because of the small
    size and the inexpensive price. The flip top lid means you
    can enjoy them straight from the can without a can opener.
    You don't even have to cook them.

  • Armour potted meat. Armour Potted Meat has been popular
    since the 1960s. To reveal the mystery of this meat, it's
    made of "mechanically separated chicken and beef tripe."
    Essentially, the mechanically separated meat is a paste
    created in a process where machines force crushed bone and
    tissue to get to the desired product. So it really is made with
    chicken and beef, as indicated on the label, but it's a
    homogeneous texture. Armour potted Meat is an inexpensive
    and ready to eat product with a flip top lid, so you can
    spread on crackers or a sandwich straight from the can. It
    uses salt as a preservative, making it an extremely salty
    product. It's not a product for the gourmet Prepper's shelves,
    but it will help you through an emergency.

Canned Meat #8: Canned Chicken.
Canned chicken is good to have in the prepper's pantry, and it's
also one of the most popular items at the food banks. It's one of
the best canned meat options for preppers who don't eat canned
tuna because it's a versatile item for casseroles.

  • Swanson Premium Chunk Chicken Breast, pictured right,is
    premium white breast meat. The texture is not like buying a
    breast of chicken or a chicken on the bone, but rather it is a
    texture like canned tuna, which makes it an ideal alternative
    or an addition for the prepper's pantry. In addition to making
    a chicken salad spread for crackers, many also use Swanson's
    white canned chicken breast for their favorite dinner recipes.
    It's a great choice of chicken for making Chicken and
    Dumplings or Chicken a la King. Use canned also chicken to
    make chicken tacos or enchiladas, chicken noodle soup or
    your favorite casserole.

  • Tyson Premium Chuck White Chicken (twelve 12.5-ounce
    cans):  Tyson chicken in a can comes packed in water.
    Pictured right, you'll get 12 hearty cans (more than double
    the ordinary 5 ounce cans) for a shipment of 12.8 pounds.
    Tyson premium chunk white chicken is ideal to add with an
    Alfredo sauce over linguine to make a quick meal.

Canned Meat #9: Turkey.
Another interesting option of meat for your food storage is
canned turkey. It's not easy to find canned turkey in the grocery
stores, but
Yoder's canned turkey is available online.

Canned Meat #10. Canned Fish.
Technically, fish isn't a "meat" but it's good to have in the pantry.
There's tuna in the Prepper's pantry, but if your taste buds will
allow, try also other fish varieties that come in a can:
canned salmon to make

  • Canned tuna ~ Think beyond the tuna sandwich or a tuna
    melt or make a tuna noodle casserole. Martha Stewart offers
    a host of satisfying recipes with canned tuna. Try a tuna
    macaroni salad, Nicoise salad.

  • Important note on canned tuna: Oils can become
    rancid fairly quickly, so when choosing tuna and other
    canned fish products, choose the kinds packed in water.
    It's tempting to get oil packed cans for caloric content,
    but the oils will make the product expire more quickly.

  • canned salmon ~ With canned salmon, you can make
    salmon patties and a variety of pasta dishes. Challenge your
    creativity by substituting salmon for tuna in a Nicoise salad.
    Salmon is worthy in the prepper's pantry for so many
    reasons. It's a powerhouse of nutrition, including being rich
    in Omega-3 fatty acids and even calcium. You may even be
    able to snag some tasty smoked salmon pate for your larder.
    That's one way to deal with the apocalypse in style!

  • Canned mackerel smoked ~ It's not only very inexpensive,
    but canned mackerel when smoked is pretty tasty. High in
    protein and Omega-3, it's cheap and filling. Here are some
    recipes using canned mackerel.

  • Canned shrimp ! Canned shrimp is ideal for pastas or salads.

  • Canned crab ~ IF you love crab, then you'll be fine with
    canned crab for making crab cakes (try mixing polenta or
    potato flakes instead of just bread crumbs).

  • Sardines ~ Sardines are great on long lasting pumpernickel
    bread are also high on the list of fish rich in Omega-3 fatty

  • Anchovies ~ Anchovies are not just for pizza! You can make
    a nutritious Cesar salad or top them on pumpernickel.

  • Canned oysters ~ canned oysters may add a bit of romance
    to your prepping situation.

  • Canned herring ~ Herring is a Scandinavian traditional food,
    also fantastic on pumpernickel bread

  • Canned Kipper ~ Kipper fillets, popular in the Great Britain

BONUS: Freeze Dried Meats.
An important part of advanced prepping is to add freeze dried
meats to the deep larder, and yet many preppers forget this
important detail.
Freeze dried foods last upwards of 25-years,
which means you'll not need to worry much about food rotation.

Mountain House freeze dried meats are scientifically proven to
last 25 years and they guarantee them for 30 years. You can eat
them straight from the can in an emergency as a healthy protein

  • Mountain House Diced Chicken: Did you know you can eat
    freeze-dried diced chicken straight from the can without
    rehydrating? Mountain House freeze-dried diced chicken is
    fully cooked and it's quick to rehydrate, but it's tasty as a
    snack for hiking and easy to pack.

  • Mountain House Ground beef: A nutrition powerhouse,
    you'll feel good for every can of freeze dried ground beef you
    pack in your prepper's pantry. A can of Mountain House
    freeze dried ground beef is fully cooked and rehydrates
    quickly for emergencies, so you can bulk up your other freeze
    dried food or use it for pastas, casseroles, soups, stews and

  • Mountain House Diced Beef: An excellent source of protein,
    use Mountain House diced beef in making your favorite
    recipes from stews, soups, pasta dishes and chili. Throw in
    some dice potatoes with this diced beef and cook in beef
    broth for a quick and easy homemade roast beef hash.

  • Augason Farms Turkey Feast. Temporarily sold out, the
    Augason Farms Turkey Feast Food Bucket consists of the
    freeze-dried turkey, mashed potatoes, bread rolls, green
    bean casserole and pumpkin pie mousse. All meals are
    packaged in pouches and sealed in easy to transport pails. If
    you are looking for a convenient time-saving solution, this
    kit is your all-in-one answer for hosting a delicious feast that
    is nutritious, and easy to prepare. With this kind of
    convenience and shelf life, it's easy to see how this kit is
    perfect for a family feast as well as long-term emergency
    food storage. The Vegetable Variety Bucket consists of 7
    pouches of Turkey feast including 1 pouch freeze-dried
    turkey, 1 pouch mashed potatoes, 1 pouch turkey gravy, 1
    pouch seasoned stuffing, 1 pouch green bean casserole,
    honey white bread and rolls and 1 pouch pumpkin mousse.

Yoder's Canned Meats

Stock up on Yoder's canned meats. Rest assured Yoders canned
meats are produced exclusively from U.S. farm raised, USDA
inspected choice cuts of meat and commercially canned in the
United States under the strictest quality standards for optimal
taste, quality and safety.

Fully cooked, ready-to-eat premium canned meat. 6 Different
Meat in a variety case Including: 2 Cans of Beef Chunks 2 Cans
Chicken Chunks 2 Cans Turkey Chunks 2 Cans Pork Chunks 2 Cans
Hamburger 2 Cans Pork Sausage Chunks 21 Pounds of Meat!!

Meet Alaska Granny!
Get tips on the best meats to stockpile for the prepper's pantry
from Alaska Granny who answers the following:
  • What are the best canned meats for long term food
    storage?  How long can you store canned meat?  
  • How much protein do you need, and
  • How much protein is in your canned meat stockpile and
    prepping food supply?  

Build your preppe's pantry with help from Alaska Granny and be
sure to try your canned meats and rotate them. Eat the meat you
stockpile. It's one of the rules of prepping.
Hormel Canned ham
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Canned Meat options
Alaska Granny shares her favorite canned meats to stockpile in the video

Happy endings...
Meats are your best prepper protein source! Stock up on canned
meats for your
prepper's pantry, including canned bacon, ham,
hamburger, roast beef, chicken, turkey, and fish while it's still

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