Shelf-stable cheese food storage

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Chef Todd Leonard shows you how to rehydrate freeze dried cheese.

Cheese Food Storage
If you want to add cheese in your prepper's pantry, you have
many options ~ from real cheese that's shelf stable hard or
grated cheese, to cheese that's creamy or processed cheese.

Shelf-stable cheese options include:

#1: Canned Cheese.
Cheese isn't something you will want to can at home. For your
safety, as with
canned butter, buy only commercially canned
cheese. If you're looking for shelf-stable cheese food storage,
then look to the canned cheese products below.

  • Bega canned cheese, pictured at the top right-hand of the
    page, and immediate right, is a delicious gourmet
    processed cheese imported fresh from Australia. Bega
    cheese has a long shelf-life ~ 10-15 years when stored
    properly. While it's a popular cheese with preppers because
    of it's novelty, it's also extremely practical to serve with
    pilot crackers and to have on hand for emergencies.

  • Kraft Pasteurized Prepared Cheddar Cheese Product. Made
    from real cheese and an excellent source of calcium, Kraft
    Pasteurized Cheddar Cheese Product of the Philippines is a
    rare find on American grocery shelves, but you'll find it on
    America's trusted source for shopping online.

  • Puck cream canned cream cheese spread. What the puck?
    What is puck cream? Puck Cream is a cooking cream made
    from fresh cream from cow's milk that has butter
    thickeners. Puck Cream offers a creamy cheese for cooking,
    dips and desserts. From the makers of puck cream in a can,
    comes canned cream cheese spread in a jar. The taste of
    puck cream cheese spread is cheesy and mild and you can
    use this semi-liquid cheese on crackers.

#2: Freeze dried cheeses ~ shredded.
Another kind of canned cheese product is the freeze dried kind.
Freeze dried cheese does not require refrigeration making it the
perfect cheesy companion to your off-grid food storage pastas
and meats ~ think of the delicious
Mexican food storage and
Italian Food storage you can stockpile when you have freeze
dried cheese in a can.

Freeze dried cheese melts just like regular cheese once re
hydrated. It's good to have cheese always on hand in the
prepper's pantry:

  • Saratoga farms cheddar cheese. Saratoga Farms Freeze
    Dried Sharp Cheddar Cheese is everything you love about
    cheddar but with a much longer shelf-life.  

  • Saratoga Farms Mozzarella Cheese.  Saratoga Farms Freeze
    Dried Mozzarella Cheese is everything you love about
    mozzarella but with a much longer shelf-life. It's real
    cheese made of skim milk, cheese cultures, salt and
    enzymes and perfect for your food storage.

#3: Cheese Blend powders.
Don't use a cheese blend powder-like freeze dried cheese
shreds. Cheese blend powder is great for noodles, popcorn or
potatoes. The proper use of the cheese blend powder in your
food storage is for making a cheese sauce or a seasoning
sprinkle ~ please see the recipes below. Augason Farms Cheese
Blend Powder is ideal for a quick kids mac and cheese, just like
the kind you remember and loved as a kid, only much cheaper
and longer lasting.
    * Cook 3 cups macaroni noodles, drain, set aside
    * Combine in the warm pot
    1/2 cup cheese blend powder
    1/4 cup butter powder (or a real butter)
    1 tablespoon water
    1/3 cup milk (liquid)

The can lasts 10 years and you get more than 3-lbs of food.
Here are the best cheese blend powders and sauce blends...

  • Augason Farms Cheese blend #10 can. Mind you the
    cheese blend powder is not the same thing as the
    shredded freeze dried cheese, which you can rehydrate, but
    the cheese blend powder is anything but boring. The
    Augason Farms cheese blend powder is ideal for making
    the creamiest cheese sauces, fondues and dips, the
    tastiest salad dressings, casseroles, soups and spreads.
    The kids will love it on popcorn and their mac and cheese.

  • Chef's Banquet Cheese bucket (Alfredo and cheddar).
    Imagine the pasta, potato and casserole creations you'll be
    able to enjoy with the Cheese Sauce Bucket, right. Zest up
    your pasta dishes with a little help from Chef's Banquet
    Cheddar and Alfredo Sauce Mixes. All the work has been
    done for you. Pair this bucket with the pasta bucket and
    you're ready to go from dry pasta to cheesy sauce bliss
    with one ingredient: water!

#4: Shelf-stable Parmesan cheese.
Parmesan cheese is a hard cheese that's the best option for
backpackers who want to ensure they have real cheese on the
trail. The harder the cheese, the longer it will last, and the less
fats it will have that will "sweat" out along the journey. Shaving
the cheese becomes a bit of a challenge, but it's worth it for
the hardcore cheese lover.

Preppers can take note from backpackers on cheese. A good
shelf-stable cheese for the prepper's pantry is Parmesan.

Parmesan cheese from Kraft is shelf-stable until you open
it, then you need to refrigerate. No worries, because you'll use
it up quickly enough! What's more lasts months in your
refrigerator once it's open. Kraft Parmesan is real cheese with
no fillers. Buy smaller containers of Kraft cheese for an
emergency that requires no refrigeration and buy the larger one
for economic emergencies. You never know when the economy
will take a turn, but you can always turn to your refrigerator for
cheese if you're a prepper!

#5: Wisconsin Cheese Company.
100% Wisconsin cheddar cheese from the Wisconsin Cheese
company, you will be surprise that there's no refrigeration
required. You can pair this cheese with their delicious "no
refrigeration" meats, as well. Imagine serving up a real plate of
cheese and meats to your family in an emergency. Not only will
it bring comfort.

  • Wisconsin Cheddar ~ You get a six-pack of small 4-0z
    blocks so you don't need to worry about waste.

A great time to stock up on this kind of cheese is during the
holidays. It makes a nice gift basket for preppers and non-
preppers alike. It's the gift of preparedness.

#6: Cheese wax.
Mind your own cheese wax! Did you know you can take your
favorite cheese block and set it in wax to help keep it fresh?
Cheese wax will help age your cheese, yet inhibit the spoilage.
Waxing cheese is will help age cheese and store it for the long-
term. For best results, choose a hard cheese.

#7: Spray Cheese (Cheez Whiz).
Another cheesy option is the spray cheese. Yes, we're talking
Cheez Whiz! There's no need to refrigerate the original Sharp
Cheddar Cheez Whiz.

Skipping the jokes, you will have entertainment value in
adorning your
pilot crackers. Why not have a little fun when the
world is going crazy in crisis? It's made with real cheese, check
the label right.

Did you know
Cheez Whiz also comes in a jar? Cheez Whiz
cheese dip in a jar is fun to top on cauliflower, nachos,
potatoes, and more. You need to refrigerate after opening, but
the jar will probably be gone with one meal.

Happy endings...
Cheese is sure to you "say cheese" when you smile for the
camera. When something is "cheesy" you have a silly joke that
makes you smile, too. Can you imagine an off-grid life without
cheese? Thankfully there are plenty of shelf-stable cheese
options for your food storage.
Everything is better with cheese! Now you can enjoy cheese
during the next power outage or apocalypse. Now go ahead,
smile and say "cheese"!

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