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Amazing benefits of coconut oil
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Coconut Oil and Prepping
Reasons to stock Coconut Oil (and use it prepping everyday)

Amazing benefits of coconut oil!
Preppers are praising coconut oil and stockpiling it for survival
because its properties make it ultra versatile, and it's actually
healthy to eat. Prepper's love multi-functional preps and
coconut oil is a food that provides many purposes.

We've compiled a list of eight mind-blowing reasons to
stockpile coconut oil and coconut products. So go ahead and
bring the taste of the islands to your preps with coconut oil
(and other coconut products, including unsweetened coconut
milk, and coconut flour).

Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil
Why stockpile coconut oil? Eight reasons. This list of benefits
for coconut oil pertains to pure virgin coconut oil, which is free
from hydrogenation:

Reason #1: Coconut oil is heat stable.
As a cooking oil in the prepper's pantry, coconut oil is very heat
stable, and is low to oxidize, which means that it won't go
rancid as quickly as other oils. It's a wonderful oil for high-heat
cooking. Since no refrigeration required, it's a very shelf stable
oil making it an ideal addition to the prepper's pantry

  • What's the shelf life coconut oil? Coconut oil can last for
    up to two years. Coconut oil is among the top foods with a
    long shelf life! Why? Because cooking oils are necessary for
    survival and most oils have a relatively short expiration
    date, but coconut oil will last upwards of two years without
    going rancid, and without the ill-effects of hydrogenated
    oils. Coconut oil shelf life is just another reason to hoard
    more of it.

Reason #2: Coconut is a versatile replacement to
other fats.
Because coconut oil has a hardened state and a soft state, it's
an oil that's a versatile replacement for so many different kinds
of oils that are in your pantry today:
  • Use coconut oil to replace butter on breads. Coconut oil
    has 100% less cholesterol than butter.
  • Bake with coconut oil. Try coconut flour as well for baking -
    coconut flour is gluten free!
  • Cook with coconut oil instead of Crisco.
  • Spread coconut on bread instead of mayonnaise.
  • Substitute coconut for other oils in stir fry meals or
  • Try coconut oil as a creamer for coffee!
  • Season your cast iron cookware with coconut oil.

Reason #3: Coconut oil is heart healthy.
In matters of the heart, extra virgin coconut has 100% less
cholesterol than butter. We already mentioned that, but
because coconut oil has had a bad rap in the past we wanted to
underscore the significance. In a fair comparison, extra virgin
coconut oil is unlike the other saturated fats (the hydrogenated
kind, which are chemically treated). Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is
not chemically treated. Whereas offending saturated fats
(hydrogenated oils) are manufactured by manipulating the
organic structure and adding hydrogen atoms to produce an
artificially thickened oil. This process gives hydrogenated oils a
long shelf life, but the health effects are like plastic to the
heart. Stay away from hydrogenated oils! Choose coconut oil

While Web MD and Harvard Medical Review won't commit to the
health benefits of coconut oil, the proof seems to be in the
people who've used it for the centuries. We need only look to
the past. Pacific Islanders get 30-60% of their caloric intake
from coconut oil, and as a population they have virtually non-
existent rates of cardiovascular disease! It makes you wonder
why coconut oil got a bad rap in the first place.

For many years coconut oil and other coconut products didn't
have a good reputation for health, but as research now shows,
coconut is very healthful, and the truth is coming out. Read on
to discover why preppers love coconut oil, coconut flour and
coconut milk.

Reason #4: Coconut Oil provides fast energy and
Coconut naturally has nutrients for basic sustenance. Why do
you think they make Datrex food bars out of Coconut? Partially,
it's because coconut withstands varied temperatures, but
primarily because coconut oil provides fast and sustaining
energy and nutrition. For fast energy, try this homemade
coconut chocolate cup recipe.

Because coconut oil provides fast energy and hydration, it's also
an excellent product to consume if you or someone you love has
cancer. (Chemotherapy has the side effect of increase
dehydration risk.)

  • Prepper's cooking tip: Coconut milk absorbs quickly into
    rice for cooking. You can cook rice more quickly substituting
    coconut milk for water. Here's a YouTube video for a tasty
    coconut rice that's a Happy Preppers approved dish.

Reason #5: Coconut decreases hunger, and digests
Coconut oil may cleanse the body from toxins and impurities
and as it does so, simultaneously decrease hunger and soothes
stomach ailments. There's another reason why Datrex food bars
are made of coconut: coconut is not thirst provoking and it fills
the stomach.

Reason #6: Coconut oil can also be fuel for a candle!
Coconut oil: it's the oil that hardens at room temperature and
softens when you heat it up. Coconut is solid at room
temperature and melts at 76 degrees. Because it's solid, you
can use the oil as a candle. Just add a wick and you have
candle! Who needs a tub of Crisco when you have coconut oil?

Reason #7: Coconut oil has a variety of medicinal
Use coconut oil for these home remedies...

  • Have an infection? Coconut oil may help fight infections.
    Coconut oil is high in certain fatty acids, which help boost
    the immune system to protect against harmful bacteria.
    Coconut acts as a natural antibiotic in this regard!

  • Have cancer or a fungus? Coconut oil can fight off
    fungus, yeast and Candida and so much more, according to
    Dr. Oz. Learn the surprising health benefits of coconut oil,
    including helping people with diabetes. Many consider
    coconut oil as a cure for cancer as it fights the Candida.

  • Concerned about heart health? Coconut oil supports a
    healthy Heart thanks to the Medium-Chain Triglycerides.

  • Got ulcers? Eating coconut oil can help sooth ulcers.

  • Pregnant? Minimize the effects of stretch marks with
    coconut oil. It may also relieve hemorrhoids.

  • Have a baby? Scrub away cradle cap with a natural product
    to moisten your baby's scalp. Try coconut oil for diaper rash
    as well.

  • Have skin ailments?  Coconut oil soothes abrasions and
    burns; and even relieves itchy bug bites and poison ivy
    too! Used regularly, coconut oil can aid in the treatment of
    acne, which brings us to reason #8...

Reason #8: Coconut Oil is a beauty aid alternative!
So now you know why you should hoard coconut oil for prepping
reasons, but we've compiled a few more healthful tips, because
coconut oil is a beauty aid alternative too, which may be useful
in prepping. Again, prepper's love products that serve as
substitutions or have alternate uses. Coconut oil is so versatile

  • Have dry skin? Coconut Oil is a wonderful moisturizer and
    helps with skin conditions. As a salve, you can apply it
    directly to your skin.

  • Sunburned? Coconut oil has been a Pacific Islander secret
    sunscreen for centuries, which is why
    urges you to ditch the sunscreen and use coconut oil which
    has an SPF of 10! They make a great case for using coconut
    oil as a non-toxic home-made remedy.

  • Have cracked heals? Coconut oil revives and rejuvenates
    dry feet! Coconut oil is a popular natural ingredient of foot
    creams, including Burt's Bees heel.

  • Need a natural solution to frizzy hair? Coconut oil will
    help those split ends and tame frizzy hair!

  • Have cracked lips? Coconut oil heals chapped lips as a lip
    moisturizing balm.

  • Out of shaving cream? Shave with coconut oil and get the
    sideline benefits of smooth, moist skin.

  • Need a makeup remover? Coconut oil removes makeup.
    Coconut oil will leave your skin moist and refreshed as it
    removes the daily grim and makeup buildup.

  • Want to make a home-made toothpaste? Coconut oil
    mixed with baking soda is an inexpensive and healthful
    way to brush your teeth. Mix coconut oil with baking soda
    to make a paste.  Now you have a natural and fluoride-free

    Oil pulling using coconut oil is a common use as part of
    Aryuvedic medicine to remineralize your teeth. Oil pulling is
    an oral detox methodology used since ancient times. "The
    body has several mechanisms to "dump" toxic particles into
    the salivary glands. According to Ayurvedic tradition, oil
    pulling helps to increase the secretion of saliva and trap
    the toxins within the oil particles. By oil pulling, you can
    use the salivary glands in your mouth as a detoxifying
    organ. Use coconut oil to pull out toxins from your body.

Preppers are finally embracing coconut and coconut! Discover for
yourself the joys of extra virgin coconut oil.

Top Ten Coconut Oil Products

  1. Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. With 100% less
    cholesterol than butter, Nutiva's cold-pressed, organic
    extra-virgin coconut oil has light taste, pleasant aroma,
    and pure white color. It's deliciously healthy cooking oil.
    Better than butter and are USDA Organic. Unrefined with
    no trans fats, rich in lauric acid.  
  2. Nutiva Organic Coconut Sugar. Made from fresh coconut
    tree sap, collected from the cut flower buds, Nutiva Organic
    Coconut Sugar provides a sugar with one of the lowest
    glycemic index sweeteners on the market. It's similar to
    brown sugar with a hint of caramel. Best of all, it's highly
    nutritious; a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc,
    iron, and B vitamins! Highly rated, read the reviews
    yourself by clicking right.
  3. Raw Coconut Flour by Coconut Secret. Made in small
    batches from unheated coconut meat and dried using a
    proprietary tumbler dry method, Coconut Secret coconut
    flour, pictured right, is gluten-free, and Non-GMO. Very low
    carb, this coconut flour is loaded with dietary fiber,
    promotes lipid oxidation, aids in digestive health and helps
    balance blood sugar levels. You'll get as much 40% of your
    dietary fiber using this product.
  4. Vita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water. Hydrate naturally
    with Vita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water. High in
    potassium, free of fat, cholesterol, and sugar; low in
    acidity, Vita Coco, pictured immediate right, contains five
    essential electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, calcium,
    sodium, and phosphorous.
  5. Amy and Brian Coconut Juice. Made of young coconut
    juice and young coconut pulp, Amy and Brian Coconut
    Juice, pictured at the bottom of the page, is a natural
    isotonic beverage that is high in potassium and other
    electrolytes. Great for any active lifestyle, it is an effective
    dehydration beverage for before, during or after exercise,
    and ideal for preppers looking for a natural alternative to
  6. Datrex Food bars. High energy value and ready to eat,
    Datrex Food bars, pictured immediate right, are non thirst
    provoking, making them an ideal food for your bugout bag.
    If you are out on the water; preparation is even more
    important. Food rations from Datrex are made from coconut
    and are in tablets and sub packaged for easy rationing.
    They have a five year shelf life and are also USCG
    approved so you know you can count on them when you
    need them.
  7. SOS Food bars.
  8. Okri Coconut food bars. Soft, chewy and satisfying
    nutrition bars combining coconut and brown-rice syrup, Okri
    bars are vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, and have no
    refined sugar. This product is also Kosher certified.
  9. Bob's RedMill Shredded Coconut
  10. Trader Joes Roasted Coconut chips.

Why Preppers Should Store Canned Coconut Milk
Coconut milk is a wonderful addition to your preps. Did you
know that coconut milk will help you cook rice faster? Not only
will coconut milk impart a rich and creamy goodness to your rice
dishes. There are two kinds of coconut milk: sweetened and
unsweetened, you'll find both in your grocery stores in the Asian
foods section.

  • HOW TO STORE COCONUT MILK: With coconut milk, you
    should store at room temperature and shake well before
    using. Your product may separate when temperature falls
    below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes the milk appear
    curdled as the coconut fat separates from the liquid. No
    worries! Separation is harmless and easily remedied by
    placing the can of coconut milk in hot water for 15 minutes
    and stirring the contents thoroughly.

Happy endings...
Coconut oil and coconut milk are excellent to stockpile for so
many reasons. Coconut oil shelf life is just one of them.

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