Coffee for survival

Above, a hard-working couple of the Great Depression reads the enticing
"penny restaurant" sign, anticipating a rich cup of coffee.

During the Great Depression it was popular to give free soup,
coffee and donuts to the unemployed, lunch counters also sprang
up and lured clients in with low prices on coffee.

  • Lunch counter coffee. Chock Full O' Nuts coffee debuted in
    1932, when the 18-shop business selling nuts converted its
    stores into lunch counters, serving a cup of coffee and a
    sandwich for .05 cents! The brand quickly gained popularity
    and is a classic today.

  • Decaf. Decaffeinated coffee also gained in popularity during
    the Great Depression. The Sanka brand comes from the
    French phrase “Sans Caffeine" ~ in other words, caffeine-free!

Reason #6: The military encourages coffee drinking
in soldiers!
Another reason to consider stockpiling coffee for survival is that
the U.S. Military stockpiles coffee for their soldiers. American
soldiers have had an incredible love affair with coffee and became
so closely identified with the brew that their words became the
modern day vernacular. Yes, it's thanks to "GI Joe" that we
Americans yearn for our daily "Cup of Joe."

  • For Civil War soldiers (1861-1865), coffee was the primary
    ration. The Union had an advantage in having control of the
    railroads and hoarded its supply; while the Confederacy was
    deprived. If there was no time to boil it: they reportedly
    chewed the beans as they marched

  • Soldiers of World War I (1914-1918) were issued dehydrated
    coffee packets as standard military rations.

  • Soldiers of World War II enjoyed Maxwell House Instant

  • Did you know... Coffee was rationed on Nov. 29, 1942
    despite record production of coffee in Latin America? Demand
    from military and civilians created a limited availability. This
    brings us to reason #6...

Reason #7: Coffee rationing could happen again.
Another reason long-term coffee storage is important is because
coffee has been rationed in wartime and is at risk of future
rationing as it's imported and in limited supply for the United
States. Unless you live in Hawaii or Puerto Rico, you'd better
stock up on coffee because the only place coffee you can grow in
America is on the Hawaiian islands. During an economic crisis,
coffee will be a highly treasured luxury and a bartering item,
which brings us up to reason #8 (coffee is a great bartering item).

  • Did you know... Rationing stamps were issued on coffee for
    each member of the household 15 years and up (one pound,
    every five weeks). How lucky it must have been for the
    parents of teen who didn't drink coffee to get a little extra
    ration. Most people re-used grounds which made for a watery
    Cup of Joe, they called Roosevelt water.

  • Did you know... Wild coffee of Florida isn't palatable by
    today's standards, but Native Americans brewed the stuff for
    ceremonies. The Florida native shrub, Psychotria nervosa,
    produces an hallucinogenic effect!

Reason #8: Coffee would barter well!
Coffee makes it to the prepper's bartering list. It can pay to
ensure you have long-term storage of coffee because if you have
coffee with a long shelf-life it can store well and be useful in
barter.  Because of the significant infatuation America has with
coffee, it would barter extremely well in crisis. Coffee grows only
in Hawaii and in Puerto Rico, which means that this staple will be
most valuable in the continental United States where it does not
grow. The day will come when coffee is in short in supply and
there will be plenty of people who want it. Ordinarily coffee has a
relatively short shelf life, but freeze dried coffee will last and
there is green coffee available that's freeze dried for you to roast
fresh, then grind.

Reason #9: Coffee enhances morale.
Another reason to stockpile coffee for survival is that it can
reduce chances of depression.
Consumption of coffee significantly
decreased the risk of depression, reports Medical News Today.

Coffee drinkers suffer less depression and suicide. Overall, coffee
consumption is linked with fewer symptoms of depression.
Studies have found a correlation between a reduction of suicide
rates for those who drink two or more cups of coffee a day. That's
a huge factor for the possible turbulent times ahead whether it's
a devastating natural disaster or a personal apocalypse. It seems
that packing some in your pantry is a wise choice for your mental
health and well being. So pack coffee for your long term food
storage, so you can prepare to live happily ever after!

During an economic collapse, you'll also feel richer having coffee
in your preps. Coffee is an excellent morale booster to provide a
sense of normalcy to stressful situations. The smells of coffee
provide an uplift in addition to the taste. Preppers may also feel
more full between meals, drinking coffee, which can be satisfying
as well for overall well-being.

Reason #10: Coffee helps cancer patients.
A relatively little known fact is that coffee can help cancer
patients survive! Coffee is rich in antioxidant compounds and has
more chlorogenic acid than blueberries or green tea! Latest
studies show coffee to have protective effects on human DNA. It
all adds up to a natural therapy for cancer patients, though they
may not always drink coffee.

Cancer patients under the Gerson Therapy take a coffee enema
for detoxification. Taken rectally, stimulates liver activity. It also
increases bile flow helping the liver to excrete more toxic waste.
Gerson Therapy proponents also say that coffee enemas are good
preventative medicine. Read the book and learn about other ways
how to survive cancer with natural alternatives.

Reason #11: Coffee is healthy.
The latest scientific studies show that coffee has many positive
effects on your health ~ from better blood sugar regulation to
improved cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health. Coffee
reduces mortality and improves vitality.Here's the proof:
    Source: Medical News Today.

Coffee is linked to longer survival!
So skip the sugary barista drinks and brew a pot of happiness at
home. Drink to your health and celebrate the many health
benefits of coffee, including:
  1. better pH balance
  2. lowered risk of cancer
  3. better blood sugar regulation (helps avoid Type II onset
  4. boost in metabolism
  5. improved cardiovascular health (lowers risk of heart disease)
  6. decreased risk of gallstones
  7. protective effects against Alzheimer's
  8. improved cholesterol levels

Coffee, the kind you brew yourself at home, is actually good for
you! Coffee is a major source of dietary antioxidants, which
inhibit inflammation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular and
other inflammatory diseases. Drink up, so you won't die! Really,
scientific studies prove that people who drink coffee have a lower
risk of death. Read for yourself the article in the National
Institutes of Health that indicates
coffee drinkers have a lower
risk of death.

Participants of the study who drank coffee
didn't die from the
following (while the reverse was true for those who did not):
  1. diabetes
  2. heart disease
  3. injury and accidents
  4. infections
  5. respiratory disease and
  6. strokes also concludes that
coffee is linked to longer survival!

Coffee for Preppers
There are many ways to store your emergency coffee. You could
choose instant coffee (which is freeze dried coffee) and is
available in individual packets for the bugout bag, or by the can
or jar for your pantry shelves.  Freeze dried coffee also comes
packed in #10 cams or in mylar bags sealed in rugged plastic
buckets for long term storage of 15-25 years because they are air
tight  to preserve freshness.

Here the best emergency coffees available for preppers:

  • Future Essentials Costa Rican Coffee Beans. To some
    coffee isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity. When the instant
    coffee runs out, those who've prepared can enjoy the "perks"
    of a cup of fresh brewed coffee if they have green beans.
    Green coffee beans, like the Future Essentials Green Coffee
    Beans, immediate right, from Monte Crisal Costa Rica, have
    an extremely long shelf life Green Coffee Beans. In order to
    brew, roast the beans first. Roast them for around 15
    minutes at 275 degrees on a stove top, an oven or even over
    an open fire. Future Essentials packs whole bean coffee in
    cans with oxygen absorber desiccant packs to ensure that
    these stay moisture and oxygen free for many years to come.
    The case of 12 Future Essentials Emergency Coffee Beans,
    pictured right includes a total of 14.25 lbs. of coffee from
    Costa Rica. Be sure to have a way to grind your coffee!

  • NOTE: Preppers who prefer freshly ground coffee, might
    consider a manual grain mill.

Coffee was one of the first foods that was freeze dried. In the
mid-century atomic age there were a variety of coffees, including:
Folgers, Maxwell House, Nescafe/Taster's Choice, and Sanka. You
can easily find these classic brands on the grocery store sales
shelves, along with the modern counterparts, including Starbucks
instant coffee and
Patriot Pantry Coffee.

  • Patriot Pantry / Franklin's Finest. Pictured above, Franklin's
    Finest comes in a nice little storage container.

Manual coffee bean grinders
In the event of an EMP or devastating off-grid scenario, the luxury
of grinding your own coffee will go a long way to boost morale.

  • Grain mill as a coffee grinder. At the top on the list of
    prepper kitchen items is a grain mill. The Victorio Grain mill,
    pictured right. This durable all-purpose manual grinder works
    on coffee, but also wheat, corn, rice, and other grains, like
    barley and oats. Use it to grind coffee beans, peppercorn nd
    other spices.

  • Manual coffee grinders. Two hand crank type coffee
    grinders pictured right provide old-time experience of
    grinding coffee by hand. Highly rated for grinding coffee by
    hand, is the Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder, pictured right.

Coffee makers and percolators

  • Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Volcano stove: The Kelly Kettle,
    pictured below, is an essential element of any emergency
    preparedness plan since in an emergency or disaster
    situation the most important part of survival is being able to
    obtain pure water. Without access to other types of fuel such
    as gas or propane, it may be difficult to get pure water. A
    Kelly Kettle is a convenient quick way to heat up water for
    hydrating food, or to make a cup of coffee. It will deliver
    about 7 cups of hot water in just a few minutes. The Kelly
    Kettle is not just a kettle, it's a stove!

  • French Press.  A French Press is a method of coffee making
    that requires you add hot water and press down on the
    ground beans. This in turn pushes up the flavor to the coffee
    retained in the vessel.

  • Stove top coffee percolator. The rustic red enamelware
    percolator pictured at the top of t he page is ideal for coffee
    lovers. The sturdy red percolator is a classic, and it's kiln-
    hardened twice at 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit to stand up to
    scratches and chipping.

  • Propane Coffee Maker: The Coleman propane coffee maker,
    pictured in red, lower right, is a drip coffeemaker that brews
    a full pot of coffee in just 15 minutes. Powered by standard
    propane cylinder, you don't need cords or a stove. Buy it for
    prepping, but use it for outdoor entertaining, tailgating,
    picnics, and more. It has a ten-cup reservoir.

How Coffee is the Ultimate Indicator of
Impending Financial Collapse:
Here is the truth about coffee and survival of an economic
collapse: Author Adam Michaels asks, "What if you had to stop
drinking coffee? What if enjoying your morning cup was no longer
possible? Have you ever thought about the global effort involved
in brewing your morning cup of coffee?" In his book, "How Coffee
is the Ultimate Indicator of Impending Financial Collapse," Adam
Michael explains that coffee is the second most widely traded
commodity on the planet, and that it is because of teh delicate
balance of climate, agriculture, trade, and multinational financing
which have to work together in order to bring that coffee to your
local store.

Did you know coffee was one of the first freeze dried foods?
Folgers is classic freeze dried food. Sanka and even Starbucks
followed the freeze dried frenzy.

Coffee and prepping just naturally go together; however, other
sources caffeine include:

  • Tea for survival: Tea is another decaffeinated option that's
    easy to pack and prepare as well. Discover also how to use
    tea for survival.

  • Coffee changes the acidity of your soil. Coffee grounds can
    help add nitrogens and can acidify your soil and help with
    your composting efforts. Read more on how to change the
    acidity of soil organically with coffee to help your garden

  • Dump used coffee grounds in stagnant water to kill
    mosquito eggs. Preppers find used coffee grounds useful for
    many reasons ~ add getting rid of mosquitoes to the list.
    The used coffee grounds will change the acidity of the water,
    ruining the otherwise ideal breeding grounds for the pesky

  • Your ancestors drank coffee for survival:

To some coffee isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity. When the
instant coffee runs out, those who've prepared can enjoy the
"perks." So now you know the amazing benefits of coffee for
survival to help you prep happily ever after. "
Kelly Kettle
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Reasons to stockpile coffee for survival

Survive the day (and the apocalypse, too) with coffee!
Emergency coffee? Yes! Your survival chances are significantly
higher with coffee than without. Coffee can help you stay alert,
feel more full, improve water quality and much more. Considering
that the military values coffee as an important commodity,
preppers should as well.

When the coffee runs out at the grocery store, only those who've
prepared can enjoy the real "perks" of preparedness with freeze
dried coffee...

Stockpile Emergency Coffee
Be sure to have freeze-dried coffee packed away for the long
Shelf-stable coffee from Franklin's Finest by Patriot Pantry,
pictured right, is the first-ever emergency coffee that will store
for up to 25 Years.

Good reasons to stockpile coffee (and how to do it):

Reason #1: Coffee improves poor quality water.
In a long-term emergency, water quality could go down and coffee
can help by improving the flavor. As an example, purifying water
with tablets doesn't always leave a pleasant taste, but coffee can
mask the bad taste of water and even make it taste good, so
you'll drink and stay hydrated. Coffee does much more than make
water more palatable.

Reason #2: Coffee can help you survive Cholera!
Coffee can help you avoid both Cholera, a waterborne bacterial
disease of the small intestine, and Dysentery, an intestinal
inflammation of the colon. Both diseases stem from contaminated
waters. Cholera was a constant peril for early settlers as they
traveled along the Oregon Trail and drank the contaminated water
sources, and it was a leading cause of death along the route.

Coffee likely was the saving grace of many a pioneer along the
Oregon Trail. While they may not have realized it, pioneers
staved sickness by drinking coffee. You see, making coffee
requires boiling water, which is a way to disinfect contaminated
water and kill the micro-organisms.

Perhaps the settlers didn't know it, but those who exclusively
drank coffee and tea, instead of drinking raw water filled with
bacteria and parasites, were the ones more likely to survive the

Reason #3: Coffee increases mental alertness.  
One of the most important reasons to stockpile coffee is because
coffee keeps you bright-eyed and clear thinking, and doesn't cloud
judgment the way alcohol, cannabis, or opiates may do.

So what does this mean for a prepper? Well, coffee will help you
stand your ground when you may need it most. For example,
when crisis hits and you must guard of your preps or defend your
life! This is exactly why the military depends on caffeine (for
coffee and
tea, and even caffeinated chewing gum), which brings
us to reason #5...

  • NOTE: Coffee is a stimulant, but it's also a diuretic, which
    means you'll urinate more than without it. So keep that in
    mind while guarding the doomsday castle.

Reason #4: Coffee gives you energy.
In an emergency having extra energy can be an important factor
in survival, whether it helps you march on or pull an extra work
load, the energy of coffee is impactful.

Endurance athletes know coffee gives them energy and they take
advantage of caffeine in their respective sports. Drinking caffeine
activates the adrenal glands, which in turn pumps out Cortisol to
stimulate the liver's stored sugars. The result is a burst of
energy. The caffeine may be a short lived burst, but it will give
energy when you need it.

  • Did you know... African tribes traditionally created "energy
    balls" by wrapping fat around coffee berries. This provided
    hunters with energy while on the go. It was also used in
    tribal warfare for endurance.

Reason #5: Coffee Makes you feel more full.
Coffee stimulates energy and it also makes you feel more full ~
because stimulants are natural appetite suppressants and
because coffee requires water, you'll feel more satisfied.

Coffee was extremely popular during the
Great Depression even
though it was expensive, but Penny Kitchens sprouted up as a
charitable way to allow dignity to people eager to provide for
themselves instead of asking for help, and helped fill void. Add a
penny to the meal and you could get a cup of coffee! Coffee was
also a staple and quite common for even kids to drink even cold
coffee during the Great Depression ~ it would not go to waste.
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Patriot pantry coffee.

Happy endings...
You can't fight zombies in an apocalypse if you're groggy! You may
as well stock up on Coffee. Enjoy your coffee. It's  your survival
juice! Coffee and prepping seem to go together, so go ahead and
prescribe yourself some coffee in the name of emergency

A trifecta of survival supplies ~ coffee,
coffee filters and coffee
cans ~ are all extremely useful in prepping and around the
homestead. Don't throw any of it away.

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