Bouillon Cubes

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Bouillon is a traditional ingredient of Mexican rice. The recipe above
includes bouillon and gets 5 out of 5 stars from more than 45 reviewers.

#6: Bouillon cubes are ideal for the bugout bag.
You'll feel good inside when it's cold outside with a warm broth.
Your bugout bag should contain everything you need to boil
water. When you have a metal container you can give yourself a
boost with a warm bouillon "tea."

  • Bouillon cubes will help hydrate you better than coffee or
    tea can.
  • You can grind the bouillon to season whatever you catch.

#7: Bouillon cubes are hydrating to nurse back  the
Nurse your patients back to health with the goodness of
bouillon to help them get hydrated and get a bit of
nourishment. The broth made from the bouillon cubes is one of
the best ways to stay hydrated and it's quick and easy to
digest. Chicken soup is for the soul and for the sick!

#8: Bouillon cubes are in military rations!
If something is good enough for the military, it's generally good
enough for preppers and such is the case with bouillon cubes.
Because they helped replace salt, bouillon cubes were included
as part of
military rations during World War II. Hard candies or
caramels were also included in military rations because the
balance of sugars and salt helped soliders stay hydrated.

Bouillon cubes are sometimes included in  
Meals Ready to Eat
(MREs) today, but often not as many Americans have forgotten
the goodness of bouillon cubes.

You now have eight good reasons to include bouillon in your
survival plan! In case you're wondering, yes, bouillon made it to
famous list of 37 foods to hoard. (Hint: You'll find it is #7.)

What's difference between bouillon, consommé, stock and
Bouillon is often used as a synonym for broth, but there really
is a difference between bouillon, consommé, stock and broth

  • Bouillon is made by simmering meat, and seasoning it.

  • bouillon cubes are compressed, dehydrated stock that must
    be dissolved to use.

  • broth is the liquid left from cooking, poultry, meat, fish or
    vegetables (and generally does not have a seasoning). If it
    has any seasoning, it's very light.

  • consommé is a clear beef broth is a consommé.

  • stock is one step beyond broth, slowly cooked so as to
    have the water evaporate more.

Happy endings...
Hey prepper! Give bouillon cubes a go in your food storage! Now
that you're in the know about bouillon cubes, you should stock
up and put them in your bugout bag!

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Above, Chef David Rocco explains that bouillon can be made with
"Mirepoix," which is equal parts of carrots, celery and onions. He also
shares a tip on how to make bouillon less salty.
Bouillon Cubes
Add bouillon cubes to your food storage and bugout bag

Bouillon Cubes in the prepper's pantry.
It's not easy to spell bouillon, the French word for delicious
soup prepared from broth. For you Francophiles, the name
comes from the verb "bouillir," which means "to boil."

What are Bouillon cubes?
A bouillon cube is a savory block of dried and seasoned stock.
Bouillon made from scratch is a clear, seasoned broth of stewed
meat, poultry, fish or vegetables that has no solids of the stew.
Bouillon is an aromatic blend of herbs and spices. Seasonings
may include carrots, celery, onions and parsley.

While bouillon can be made of chicken stock, beef stock,
vegetable stock -- you may find some in lamb, ham or even fish
stock.  There are many brands of bouillon on the market, some
saltier than others. You can buy them in bulk or in packs of
eight. If you look hard enough you can find organic bouillon.
Americans are most familiar with the tasty, quick and easy
bouillon cubes, like the popular Chicken Bouillon, from Knorr.
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#2: Bouillon cubes have a long shelf life.
Another reason to stock bouillonc cubes is for the shelf life.
Most bouillon cubes are shelf stable with no need for
refrigeration. You can keep bouillon cubes in the pantry for
several years in a cool, dry pantry, but you can keep them even
longer if you
use a food saver to reseal them.

While the flavor of your bouillon may deteriorate over time, it is
well worth keeping on hand for emergencies. They won't spoil or
go bad, they will just not have as much flavor.

#3: Bouillon cubes are inexpensive.
Bouillon is relatively inexpensive. You'll pay a little more for
organic bouillon made of non-GMO ingredients. Depending on
where you live, they may cost up to .25 cents a cube. You can
buy a high-quality bouillon for under $2 for 8 cubes at the
grocery store.

At the time of this writing, the Knorr brand of bouillon cubes
above was $19.34 and with free shipping on Prime for 100
cubes. That works out to about .19 cents a cube, which would
be well worth the price in an economic depression where you
could provide a "meaty" flavoring to enhance meals.

#4: Bouillon cubes will save you time.
Bouillon cubes are time saving. Making bouillon is a
time-honored tradition for patient cooks who have time to
watch the stew! Thankfully, the convenience of bouillon cubes
means you save yourself some time.

#5: Bouillon cubes will make savory dishes.
Bouillon cubes help to make bland foods more flavorful -- and
even the pickiest of kids will eat it. Vegetarians can eat it too.
It's a savory addition to your food storage for rice, beans, pasta
and potatoes.

Many classic recipes rely on bouillon cubes, such as Spanish rice
or Mexican rice. Add noodles to your bouillon broth and you
made your own ramen.

Rapunzel vegetable bouillon

Why stock bouillon cubes in the prepper's
There are many reasons to stock bouillon in the pantry and even
your bugout bag:

#1: Bouillon cubes are extremely versatile.
Bouillon is a versatile pantry item to add flavor to your dishes.
These little cubes are full of flavor! Give them a try in your

Here are some of the many reasons to stock bouillon cubes in
the prepper's pantry:
  1. Flavor rice, pasta or potatoes by adding bouillon to the
    water in cooking.
  2. Season meats with bouillon cubes!
  3. Use bouillon as a base to make gravies and sauces.
  4. Drink bouillon as a nourishing "tea" (think of it as a quick
  5. Add bouillon to vegetables to give an added  boost of
  6. Create your homemade soups and stews using bouillon as
    a starter.
  7. Toss in bouillon cubes to your slow cooker meals.
  8. Add more flavor to casseroles or your favorite recipe.

Below are the simple instructions for how to make a delicious
gravy with bouillon cubes, flour and butter:
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