emergency drinks to hoard

#4 Emergency Drinks: Energy and Caffeine.
Prepper's have more choices on the market today, thanks to
energy drinks, like Red Bull. Sure, it's been a controversial drink
with teens as they abuse it's power, but for a prepper scenario it
can certainly give an edge when you might need it in a survival
situation! You may not drink it every day, but having some handy
in an emergency situation will provide you "wings."Here are some
other energy drinks to consider.

  • 5-hour energy drink. A great bugout bag supply or car
    essential is a 5-hour energy drink. Sixteen ounces is a lot to
    drink when all you want is energy, but that's the size of
    many energy drinks. Not only do you get too much fizzy
    liquid, but also 12 teaspoons of sugar, 200 calories and
    herbal stimulants. Drink a 5-Hour Energy shot. At only two
    ounces it goes down fast. It has zero sugar, zero herbal
    stimulants and only four calories. It's packed with B-
    vitamins, amino acids, nutrients and as much caffeine as a
    cup of the leading premium coffee.

  • Crystal Light Energy. Typically, preppers purchase Crystal
    Light to enhance the flavor of their water. Crystal Light now
    comes in an energy version. Crystal Light Pure Energy,
    pictured top right, is a drink with caffeine and energy
    releasing B Vitamins.

  • Red Bull Energy Drink. Red Bull isn't for everyone, but this
    drink does have Caffeine, Taurine, B-Group Vitamins, Sucrose
    and Glucose to get you going in crisis.

$5 Emergency Drinks: Cans and Packets.
Drinks of all kinds are good to store: they provide hydration and
they may have some vitamins. Here are some canned and packet
style emergency drinks to consider storing:

  • Canned seltzer waters. Canned drinks are a prepper
    essential for long term food storage. Aluminium cans have a
    coat internally to protect the aluminium from oxidizing,
    though trace amounts of aluminum may penetrate into the
    drinks. Canned seltzer water lasts indefinitely, and even
    helps relieve constipation! Avoid seltzer if you have acid

  • Water packets. Are water pouches worth the expense?
    Datrex packet water, pictured right, is an ideal solution for
    your car or a bugout bag to have on hand if you should get
    stranded. If you have kids, then consider packing some Capri
    Sun as well.

  • V-8 Vegetable Juice. For more than 75 years, V-8 100%
    Vegetable Juice has provided powerful vegetable nutrition.
    Right, you get a pack of eight six-packs of 5.5 ounce cans of
    juice for a total of 24 cans all for around $14 and with free
    shipping. Drink V-8 vegetable juice straight from the can or
    use it as a base to make gazpacho with garden vegetables,
    such as tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.

#6 Emergency Drinks: Protein.
Protein will be hard to come when SHTF. Hunting for game is
much glamorized; however the reality is when the entire
population is foraging for the same game, it will be harder to
come by. In the name of emergency preparedness, here are some
protein drinks to stock.

  • Powdered milk. Got milk in your food storage? Like the
    commercials used to say, milk does a body good. Milk is
    loaded with protein Milk has Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C,
    Vitamin D and Vitamin E! P. With powdered milk you can
    make yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, buttermilk and more.

  • Chocolate milk. Consider enhancing your powdered milk food
    storage by adding Hershey's Syrup to pantry.

  • Pure Protein Shake. Protein drinks aren't for everyone, but
    something for preppers to consider as protein will be
    essential and hard to come by. Pure protein includes water,
    Protein Blend (Calcium Caseinate, Milk Protein Concentrate),
    along with other ingredients such as soy. It packs an
    amazing 35 grams of protein!

  • Whey. Is whey way better than milk? Well, whey is highly
    nutritious, so it may well be that  "whey"  is better than
    milk! This high quality complete protein has essential amino
    acids required by the body for strength and muscle
    development, and without adding excessive carbohydrates
    and fat to your diet. That's why athletes stock up on whey
    protein powders. Consider adding whey to your prepper

  • Goats milk. Goats milk is an extremely healthy option to
    cow's milk, though it's not for everyone. Some people with a
    lactose intolerance do quite well on goats milk.

7. Emergency Drinks (Flavor Enhancement).
Preppers will want to flavor their water for many reasons. The
primary reason is that water quality may be very low and the
taste may be hard to swallow. Here are some flavorings to
consider adding to your list of prepper supplies. Just add water or

  • Gatorade, a thirst-quenching classic drink, is popular in
    bottled varieties. Look also for Gatorade powders, pictured

  • Tang, a classic drink and a prepper favorite, Tang has both
    Vitamin C and Calcium. Tang drink mix, the astronaut
    "orange juice" was an innovative way for NASA to give flavor
    and nutrients to its crew in 1962, but it wasn't invented for
    the journey to the moon. It was actually invented in 1959 by
    General Mills. What made the drink innovative for space
    travel was that the crew could use existing water containers.
    It's something to ponder as you think about the drinks to
    hoard for an emergency.

#8 Emergency Drinks: Morale Boosting drinks.
Water is essential to life and yet there are times when humans
crave something with a little more flavor. Here are some morale
boosting drinks:

  • Soda. Soda can provide caffeine, but more importantly in a
    catastrophic situation, soda can provide a sense of normalcy.
    Look for options which are free of high-fructose corn syrups
    (most contain them).

  • Wine and Beer. Beermaking is a fun hobby and a prepper
    skill. With so many kits available, it's so easy to Learn how
    to brew beer. Wine making is more complex, but doable.
    Starting a wine collection could prove to be a valuable asset
    in terms of prepping as wine may help relieve some stress
    and provide a sense of normalcy if you ordinarily drink wine.
    Wine is a barter supply if you don't plan to drink it yourself.

  • Vodka. Aside from the obvious social applications, vodka is a
    compact prep to hoard. In fact, it is on our list -- it's #35 on
    the 37 Foods to Hoard.
  • Bartering tool;
  • Cough suppressant;
  • Cooking (vodka is a base for a variety of pasta sauces);
  • Food preservation (Vodka and other alcohol can preserve
    fruit, such as cherries);
  • Cleaner and defogger for eyeglasses;
  • De-stink stinky feet! (wipe your feet with vodka);
  • Fuel and fire starter;
  • Molotov cocktail weaponry;
  • Sterilization agent for tweezers, razor blades;
  • Skin repellent to shoo flies;
  • Skin toner for pores to tighten skin and dissolve
  • Sore throat gargle; and
  • Topical medicinal uses (vodka can be an antiseptic,
    provide relief of insect bites and stings, cold sores, and
    you can also dissolve the adhesive of a bandage to
    make removal painless.

Happy endings...
Having a variety of drinks on hand will boost morale, enhance
nutrition, help keep hydration through sickness and make
apocalyptic meals more palatable! Stock up on drinks now while
they are still available.

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Emergency Drinks
Emergency drinks for energy, vitamins, nutrients, morale

Emergency hydration: drinks and drink mixes to stockpile.
Something not often talked about in prepper circles are
emergency drinks, and yet the smartest and happiest preppers on
the planet will pack not just water, but a variety of emergency
drinks and drink packets. There are eight kinds of emergency
drinks to stockpile...

Eight Emergency Drinks to Hoard
If you're a serious prepper, a part of your overall emergency plans
is to stock up on drinks and drink packets because they'll provide
energy, vitamins, and nutrients, electrolytes, and a boost in
morale! The
most popular drink mix prepper's store is Tang,
pictured at the top right of the page, or
Country Time Lemonade,
but there are many other kinds of drinks to store.
Here are the eight kinds of emergency drinks to hoard for
emergency preparedness...

#1 Emergency Drink: Clear Liquids.
Clear liquids include water, tea, bouillon, and beef broth or Miso
Soup. Such kinds of liquids are vital for nourishing a sick person
back to health. Clear liquids are also an important kind of
emergency drink to stockpile for a variety of other reasons, such
as for morale or to boost water quality.

Clear liquids, such as tea and bouillon will help the body on the
road to recovery and are essential for your emergency
preparedness, but there are numerous other reasons to pack such
emergency drinks.

  • Tea. The water quality of our ancestors wasn't very good, so
    tea helped the water taste better and boiling the water had
    the additional benefit that it killed bacteria making the water
    potable.For more than 5,000+ years tea has been an
    essential for health. Consider including tea as part of your
    emergency preparedness for many reasons: Decaffeinated
    teas provide a burst of additional energy; while other teas
    can provide a calming and soothing effect, which you may
    need when SHTF. What's more, tea has anti-cancer
    properties (polyphenols), and reduce the risk of blood
    clotting and even lowers cholesterol levels. Read about how
    tea is for survival.

    Consider adding echinacea, peppermint and chamomile teas
    to help combat the common cold, naturally, too! In a survival
    situation, drinking tea brings a sense of normalcy, which
    could aid in overall well being providing a clear head with
    which to make life-saving decisions. Add green tea, also
    discussed below, which is a probiotic for digestive health.

  • Bouillon (meat stock cubes). What are Bouillon cubes?
    Bouillon cubes (compressed stock of beef, chicken, and
    vegetable) are a salty essential to help you flavor soups,
    rices, ramen style noodles,  gravies, saute vegetables and
    more. Bouillon may improve your overall well being because
    it's easy to digest and comforting. It brings comfort when
    food is in low supply, but it's also essential for health.
    Bullion provides an aid to intestinal distress of diarrhea and
    is proven helpful to patients before and after surgery
    because it is a clear liquid..

  • Beef broth, chicken broth and chicken soup. There may be
    truth in the old wives tale of serving up chicken soup at first
    sign of cold and flu. Derived from bone, chicken bouillon in
    particular is rich in vitamins and minerals, including iron,
    potassium, calcium and phosphorous, which may help boost
    the immune system.

#2. Emergency Drinks: Probiotics.
Preppers are wise to stock up on probiotic drinks for digestive
health. When SHTF, you and your family will be eating some
familiar foods and some new introductions. Whether you'll be
eating more rice and beans, freeze dried foods or more wild
game, your body will be going through some changes. Probiotics
will help your body keep check on digestive health. Here are some
emergency drinks to consider:

  • Yogi Green Tea Kombucha. Yogi Green Tea with Kombucha
    may aid immune and digestive function. Spearmint naturally
    supports digestion, and Lemongrass and Plum flavor combine
    to create a smooth, fragrant blend with a light, fruity flavor.
    This popular organic green tea not only supports the immune
    system, but provides antioxidants.*

  • Miso Soup. The primary ingredients of miso are seaweed and
    tofu. This delicious broth has numerous health benefits and
    has been appreciated by Asian cultures for more than 2,500
    years. It's a digestive aid, which restores beneficial
    probiotics to the intestines. Additionally, miso soup is
    loaded with B-12 Vitamins. Look for organic and non-GMO
    miso soup varieties, such as Mishima brand, pictured right.
    Read more on the many benefits of miso soup!

  • Kombucha Wonder Drink. Kombucha Wonder Drink is a
    "magical beverage has its own compelling mythology,"
    according to the manufacturer. Alcohol-free, this fermented
    tea helps detoxify as it energizes! Ideal for preppers,
    because it's a canned beverage, Kombucha wonder drink,
    pictured right, is available in twenty four, 8.4-ounces per can
    (total of 201.6 ounces).

  • Home made Probiotic drinks. Learn to make your own
    probiotic drinks, such as kefir, Kombucha, and naturally
    fermented ciders and sodas. Left, is a short book is a guide
    to making your own fermented, probiotic drinks. Using
    beneficial cultures, like the good bacteria in yogurt, you will
    learn how to create healthy, delicious drinks that benefit
    your body.

#3 Emergency Drinks: Electrolyte Tablets and
Electrolyte replacement is important for a survival situation.
Vitamin water and Gatorade are two popular electrolyte drinks
available at your local grocery store. Below are other drinks and
hydration tablets to consider:

  • Adventure Medical Kits Oral Re-hydration Salts. Adventure
    Medical Kits Oral Re-hydration Salts provide the original oral
    rehydration mix of the World Health Organization. Contains
    glucose, sodium and potassium. Dissolve one packet in one
    liter of water and sip your way back to health. Use for severe
    dehydration due to diarrhea, vomiting, and or sweat loss. 3
    envelopes per package.

  • Pedialyte. To help your child rehydrate and feel better
    quickly, choose Pedialyte at the first sign of diarrhea and
    vomiting. Pedialyte is an oral rehydration solution specially
    formulated to quickly replace lost fluids and electrolytes due
    to diarrhea and vomiting. No wonder it's the #1 pediatrician
    recommended brand.

  • EcoDrink. EcoDrink is a complete multivitamin with zero
    sugar, calories, carbs, sodium or caffeine. Packed with
    antioxidants, nutrients and electrolytes, EcoDrink provides
    hydration, plus balanced energy, and immune system
    support. What's more, EcoDrink supports heart health, bone
    strength. Contains 30 packets, 15 berry and 15 orange plus a
    bonus reusable bottle.

  • Nuun Hydration tubes with tablets. Nuun Active Hydration
    tablets, pictured immediate right, were designed, formulated
    and tested to keep athletes optimally hydrated. Nuun comes
    in a tough tube that is water resistant and perfect for
    carrying in your hand, bugout bag or wherever. This
    electrolyte enhanced sports drink tabs turn water into a
    refreshing, sugar-free solution that keeps you optimally
    hydrated. Drop one tab in 16 ounce of water, wait 2 minutes,
    drink and stay hydrated.

  • RecoverORS Hydration packs. RecoverORS is an oral
    rehydration powder specifically formulated for adults, and
    made by pharmacists and in accordance with World Health
    Organization (WHO) guidelines and specification and is
    based firmly in clinical trials. Free from artificial colors or
    flavorings, RecoverORS also has no preservatives.
    RecoverORS, pictured below, is for the clinical treatment of
    dehydration due to events such as
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Excessive sweating due to strenuous activity
  • Traveling and more.
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