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Sandbag prepping uses

Sandbags are the unsung hero of your supplies!
Humble, yet strong, sandbags provide storm prep and so much
more. Does your emergency plan include sandbags? Every serious
prepper needs a supply of sandbags.

Many preppers think only of sandbags as flood protection, but
sand bags are extremely useful for fortifying your home and
property in many ways. Not only will sand bags provide a
measure of protection against gunshots should the threat arise,
but sandbags make an excellent fortification against nuclear
threats. What's more, preppers can use it for traffic control,
erosion control, and as a ballast.

Sandbags for prepping
Every serious and advanced prepper needs a supply of sandbags
and here's why...

#1: Flooding.
When it's storm season, many communities hand out sandbags in
preparation for flooding, but usually they are in limited supply ~
you can get them ten at a time. Sandbags won't be available
when you need it in large supplies, so it's always better to stock
up by the hundreds.

#2: Erosion control.
Use sandbags to set up a retaining wall. They are ideal for
erosion control. Sandbags in small quantities are much more
expensive than buying in bulk. Because sandbags have so many
uses, you may like to stock up! A bundle of 10 will cost under
$12, but a bundle of 100 will save you a bundle at around $39.

#3: Gun shots.
If it's a good enough barrier for military, then it's good enough
for your prepping needs. A sandbag can provide the necessary
fortification to protect you inside your home or on your property.

#4: Nuclear blast protection.
Using sandbags in prepping also means having them ready for
nuclear protection. As tensions escalate, it's important to have a
plan ready to deal with a nuclear blast, especially with the
looming threat from North Korea.

#5: Traffic control.
If you live on a culdesac, private lane or long driveway, you may
need to set up a line of defense with sandbags in times of
extreme crisis, such as an EMP or pandemic to defend the things
you have.

Did you know the word "culdesac" is from the French word
meaning a deadlock? It literally means "the bottom of a bag."

#6: Ballast.
A ballast is the heavy material, such as rocks or water, put on a
ship to make it steady. Sandbags can be placed to keep
equipment positioned in heavy storms.

So there you have it: sandbags will stop the bullets, the flooding
waters and so much more.

How to fill sandbags for flooding
While sand is the ideal filling for a sandbag, you also can fill it
with dirt and rocks ~ or any kind of sound.

  • Set plastic sheeting against the wall where you want to
    make a food barrier.
  • Fill sandbags half full with soil.
  • Fold the top of the sandbag down.
  • Place the folded side of the bag down where you plan to
  • Layer bags to stack them tightly.
  • Stagger the bags in a pyramid style (three bags, two, then
    one, for a small barrier wall for flooding).

Sandbag Ballistics Test
How many sandbags does it take to stop some of the most
common calibers? Find out in the video below.
tested 9mm, 40 S&W, .223, 7.62x54R, and 7mm Remington
Magnum. Below shares why you need sandbags
in your preps:
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Sadbags prepping uses
Above, tests various calibers to see whether a sandbag will
stop a bullet.

Happy endings...
Sandbags are on our list of the 37 unusual items for preppers to
hoard. Put them on your prepper's supply list.

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