How to start a fire with steel wool

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Above, Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers shows you how to use steel wool.

There are many uses of steel wool ~ from scrubbing your pots,
to removing paint and lacquer, but a prepper's favorite way to
use steel wool is to start a fire. Just remember that steel wool
is combustible. It's fire hazard because it contains some oil.

Happy Endings...
Now you have the skills you need in an emergency to start a fire
with steel wool. If you already have steel wool in your preps
then you've attained a level of preparedness beyond what many
have acquired.  Go ahead and make a steel wool fire! This is a
fun trick to share with other outdoor enthusiasts. Just be sure
to store your steel wool safely and away from potential sparks
or flames.

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Learn how to quiet a motorcycle using steel wool.

Prepper Steel Use #5: Sharpens scissors, gardening
tools and more.
You'll need to keep your equipment in pristine condition,
including your sharpest tools in the shed. For scissor
sharpening, just cut through a piece of wool periodically. Cut a
few times and you've improved them dramatically (and have
saved the expense of either getting a new pair or paying for a
professional sharpening). It seems like you'd dull the scissors,
but it's true! Steel wool keeps rust off your equipment and
keeps them sharp.

Prepper Steel Use #6: Cleans grills and pan (not
cast iron kind).
You might expect to use steel wool for cleaning cast iron pans
and grills but don't do it! While steel wool is perfectly
appropriate to clean other metal grills and pans, skip the cast
iron variety because it is too abrasive. (By the way, you should
never use Teflon for your health always choose cast iron). For
cast iron pans, scrub with coarse sea salt, never soap or steel

Prepper Steel Use #7: Tightens Screws.
Have a few loose screws (literally and not figuratively)? Then
tighten the screws by threading a bit of steel wool around the
base before screwing in and you'll effectively increase the seal
and the steel wool will tighten the connection.

How will you use steel wool prepping?
Prepping is a state of mind. It's about being resourceful with
what you have. Perhaps you have an idea for using steel wool
that we've overlooked? Let us know the unexpected uses of
steel wool that we  may have missed! We're always interested
in hearing your
prepping ideas.
Above, Joe Marshall of Practical Prepper, will show you how to instantly get
a fire from steel wool and a battery.

Prepper Steel Use #2:  Prevents clogs.
If you stuff a bit of steel wool into the shower or tub where you
bathe a pet, you can collect the little bits that would otherwise
clog your drain and cause you an unnecessary plumbing bill.

Prepper Steel Use #3: Keeps away critters.
Mice love to chew through stuff, and find their way through little
gaps where you have pipes. You can prevent this nuisance when
you pack steel wool into the gaps of pipes. It forms an
impenetrable barrier for cockroaches too. Steel wool scrubs the
cockroach dead rubbing its exoskeleton to shreds. It works for
snakes, skunks and whatever else you don't want to slither
between the cracks.

Learn more about
how to keep mice away from your preps!

Prepper Steel Use #4: Quiets a motorcycle.
Don't believe us on this one? It's a five minute job to quiet a
motorcycle with steel wool, something you may need to bugout
by motorbike. Check out the proof:
Prepping Uses of Steel Wool
How to start a fire with steel wool

Steal this idea: add steel wool to your preps.
Start a fire from steel wool and a battery! No matter the weather
you can start a fire with steel wool provided you have the
know-how and a nine-volt battery. That's just one of the many
prepping uses of steel wool.

There are many ways to make a steel wool fire and there are
many more prepping uses for steel wool than you could imagine.
Learn how to start a fire from steel wool and a battery now in the
videos below and scrub up on how to use steel wool prepping...

Steel wool has many uses for preppers
The prepper's stockpile should include steel wool and here's why:

Prepper Steel Use #1: Helps make a fire.  
As you can see from the video below, the terminal of a 9-volt
battery can spark a fire worthy of a prepper's camp. Now you can
impress your friends! Steel wool is a fire accelerent

Here's how to make a steel wool fire (wrap some cotton around
tinder and you'll get a fire quickly and easily):
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