Survival gadgets you forgot to buy

Survival Gadgets
Master list of 50 survival gadgets you forgot to buy

50 Survival Tools You Forgot to Buy.
Do you have all the survival gear you need? Purchase prepping
and survival gear as though they are the last items you'll ever
own. If you've been prepping for a while you may think you've
thought of everything. Read our list of the 50 survival tools you
forgot to buy and you'll soon find some very useful survival

List of 50 Survival tools you forgot to buy
Just when you thought you had about everything you need for
survival, comes a list of 50 survival tools you forgot to buy. We
compiled a list of fifty survival tools in all to improve your
chances for survival or make life off grid easier...

#1: Fire Blanket.
One of the most overlooked preps is a fire blanket. The fire
blanket right, has DuPont X-12 fire retardant. A
fire blanket will
help smother small fires by reducing the amount of oxygen
available to the fire. Ideal for grease fires where water will only
make things worse. Another use for a fire blanket is if you live
or work in a high-rise. Wrap the blanket around you for escape
from a fire! See picture right. Keep one by the bedside and the
other at work.

fire safety kit, right includes a fire blanket and
  • Pair of Heat Resistant Gloves Fire Fighter Style with
    Reflective Strip (One Size)
  • Emergency Escape Rope with two Carabiners
  • Premium Glass Breaker Hammer
  • Tactical Flashlight (5 SOS Modes)
  • 4 Ultra Bright Glow Sticks
  • Large Medical Burn Gel
  • 3 Small Medical Burn Gel
  • 108-Piece Basic First Aid Supplies
  • Easy Carry Tactical Compact Duffle Bag

This bag is uniquely customized by U.S military Veterans to get
you well-prepared for indoor and outdoor fire emergencies from
house fire to mountain fire.

#2: Emergency Escape Fire Mask.
While preppers often have a gas mask, many neglect to carry
with them an
emergency escape fire mask. An emergency
escape mask is a single use item intended to help you escape
from an attack scene or a burning building with the ability to
breathe without inhaling smoke or fumes.  

Unlike a gas mask, an emergency escape mask is small enough
to fit in your pocket, brief case, purse, glove compartment, and
you can sew into jackets!  Pictured right the Breath of Life
emergency escape mask provides 15-20 minutes protection
against smoke, dust, debris and certain biological and chemical
compounds. This is a particularly important survival item for
preppers who live or work in high rise buildings, and for airline
travelers. Pack one in your get home bag!

#3: Self Defense Key Chain.
Be on high alert and ready to handle anything with a self-
defense key chain. Simple and effective, the
bulldog self
defense key chain is an overlooked prepper self-defense idea for
close range contact. Imagine walking in the city with a bugout
bag: the wares on your back will make you a target and you
need to be ready to handle anything!

#4: Toothache Kit.
Nothing bites worse than tooth pain (and this simple prep is
something many forget)! Take heed and plan for your dental
needs at minimum with a topical gel to minimize tooth pain. An
easy prep is the tooth ache kit to directly deal with tooth pain,
and the popular Dental Medic kit, which is a complete dental
first aid kit for your bugout bag. Get more ideas on
dental aids
for preppers.

#5: Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Volcano stove.
The Kelly Kettle is an essential element of any emergency
preparedness plan since in an emergency or disaster situation
the most important part of survival is being able to obtain pure
water. Without access to other types of fuel such as gas or
propane, it may be difficult to get pure water.

A Kelly Kettle is a convenient quick way to heat up water for
hydrating food, or to make a cup of coffee. It will deliver about
7 cups of hot water in just a few minutes. The Kelly Kettle is
not just a kettle, it's a stove!

#6: Analog Thermometer.
An analog thermometer takes longer than a digital, but you'll
never run out of batteries. Pictured right, a mercury-free oral
thermometer for temperature measurement is a traditional
shake down glass analog thermometer, and makes excellent
backup to have in your
prepper's first aid kit.

#7: Ammonia Inhalants.
Ammonia inhalants act like smelling salts of days gone by to
instantly revive someone who is undergoing trauma shock.
Pictured in the green box, right, ammonia inhalants is another
easily overlooked of
preps for your first aid kit.

#8: Quiet Generator.
It almost doesn't seem possible, and yet it is possible to have
quiet generator. The Goal Zero Yeti 150 with Nomad 20, is a
quiet, portable solar powered generator for base camp, cabins
and unexpected outages. What's more, the Goal Zero Yeti 400
Solar Generator allows you to live life off the grid, camp in
luxury, or power through an outage without the noise and fumes
of traditional back-up generators. Includes Yeti 150 Solar
Generator and Nomad 20 Solar Panel.

#9: Cigarette Lighter Converter.
Power your mobile devices in your car, boat or RV. This cup
inverter is ultra compact, plugs into your vehicles cigarette
lighter socket or attaches to a car battery and fits securely in
most vehicles cup holders.

#10: Composting Worms.
Nature's Wonder Workers (Uncle Jim's Worm Farm), pictured
immediate right, will help you improve your soil structure. Red
Worms are nature's wonder workers. Add some composting
worms to your garden or composting pile and reap the best
organic soil available without any harmful chemicals or
fertilizers. Healthy soil equates to a garden of plentiful fruits
and veggies.  Trout and pan fishermen see excellent results
using them as well.

# 11. Composting Toilet.
A composting toilet is self-contained and waterless toilet that
uses peat moss in the base for  composting matter. There is no
holding tank and no pumpouts.  A composting toilet is self-
contained and waterless toilet that uses a composting matter,
such as peat moss.

#12: Stainless steel camping kettle.
As boring as this survival necessity might seem when talking
about survival gadgets, a kettle is an important tool for
purifying water. (
Avoid aluminum, though aluminum is light
weight.) Stainless steel is naturally antibacterial, durable and
has superior heating characteristics allow it to cook evenly over
any stove or flame, and there's no rusting either! Pictured right
is a classic kettle for camping and emergency preparedness.

#13: Seed sprouter with sprouting seeds.
Sprouted seeds will provide your family or group with enzyme
nutrition to last the winter. Be sure to get organic seeds to
Try sprouting beans, grains, lentils and peas. Practice
the art, because as simple as it seems to add water and wait,
problems may arise. The Victorio VKP1014 four-tray Kitchen
Seed Sprouter, pictured right, is an easy way to produce fresh,
high-quality organic sprouts in your own kitchen. Enjoy sprouts
in as little as 2 to 5-days. The Victor Trays are made from
strong, crack resistant, BPA free plastic,

#14: Crowbar.
A crowbar can be both a weapon and a device that might help
you get the survival gear you need. Looting may be necessary
for survival!

#15: Bump keys (auto).
Bump keys (lock picking tool) can open just about any lock, but
they are tools that are hard to find for obvious reason! Preppers
know where to look and that's why is happy
to help you gain quick and easy access  the same way
Emergency Medical Technicians get in to help trapped victims.
Pictured immediate right is the EMI Xtractor Auto Rescue Kit. It
comes with a holster.  Now this essential first-on-the-scene kit
for all rescue personnel, can be yours too. The Xtractor kit
includes the holster, a seat belt cutter, a trunk key, a Quik-Pik,
and a window punch.

#16: Bump Keys (building) / Lock Picking Guide.
Having a lock pick set is an unusual prep; however it could be a
lifesaver in world gone off grid.  Having one around before crisis
is a good idea as well. The broken key extractor and guide will
help you remove or pick key fragments that could be jammed
inside of door locks at home or office. It also replaces most
keys when you're in a bind. Knowledge is power, and you can
leverage that power with the guide, pictured immediate right.
Unconventional, yes, but that's why this is on the list of 50
survival gadget you forgot to buy.

#17. Wicks for candle making.
Likely your survival plan includes candles, but what will you do
when they run out? If you have rancid oil, which is no longer
appropriate for cooking, you can use the oil to make lamps.
how to make candles: it's a satisfying and easy prepper
skill to add to your hobby list. It's a wicked luxury!

#18: Multi-function tool.
The SwissTech, includes six tools: a flat screwdriver, a Phillips
screwdriver, a micro-Sized Screwdriver, a straight blade knife, a
serrated blade knife and a bottle opener. With this utili-key,
you can open bottles, packages, letters, and most screws. Read
more about
survival key chains.

#19: Fire-Safe Waterproof Chest.  
Another atypical prep is a firesafe.  Typically preppers don't give
much consideration to stashing paper documents or money in
one, but there is good reason to own one. The Fire-Safe
Waterproof Chest, pictured right, will keep your passport
protected from both fire and water. A continuous 360 degree
jamb and waterproof seal completely insulates the interior from
the threat of water invasion. Fire protection includes UL
classified fire endurance for 1/2 hour as well as ETL verification
for 30 minutes of fire protection of CDs, DVDs, USB drives, and
memory sticks, up to 1550 degree Fahrenheit.

#20: Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Hub Lantern.
The Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Hub Lantern is a well designed
lantern and USB power device that has a hand crank on top.
Bright, functional and lightweight, this is the lantern to own.
Plug in your cell phone and stay connected.

#21: Jet Boil Flash cooking.
Jetboil Flash cooking will provide two cups of boiling water
within two minutes for cocoa, coffee, instant soup, or a gourmet
freeze-dried meal.  The JetBoil flash uses Jetpower fuel
canisters, which provide enough energy to boil 12 liters or 100
cups of water each. Jetboil is pictured left.

#23: Collapse DVD.
How is a movie a survival tool? Well, it's not just any survival
movie, "Collapse," is a documentary that will send your
prepping into high gear! As one reviewer wrote "It fueled my
fear to prepare my life now while collapse planning is still
possible. If it does not scare the bejesus out of you, check your
pulse." The movie will make preppers think even more closely
about our dependency on oil. Prime members on Amazon can
watch it for free now (click the link now, immediate right).
Never mind. You might not want to watch the movie if you're in
a good. Have a laugh instead and watch"It's a Disaster."

#24: Paracord for your shoe laces.
Even if you're not into making paracord bracelets, do yourself a
favor and replace your ordinary shoe laces with paracord for
shoes and boots. What can you do with paracord:
  • Start a fire with paracord and some sticks. It's all about
    friction, baby! Or tear it apart and use the fluff as tinder.
  • Cut zip tie handcuffs with paracord (hey, this spy trick
    could come in handy if you've been handcuffed).

#25: BIC lighter.
Mykel Hawke prefers a lighter as hist sure-start firestarter. You
may as well stock up on
50 BIC lighters. Buying them in bulk
amounts to about $1 each. A survivor of the Bosnia Civil War
said, "A generator is good, but 1000 BIC lighters are better. A
generator will attract attention if there's any trouble, but 1000
lighters are compact, cheap and can always be traded."
Certainly they will make a terrific item for trade!
Splinter out.
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leatherman skeletool
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Treadle-powered sewing machine
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Bed lifters
Deer cart
Composting Worms
Steel camping kettle
Kelly Kettle
Swiss tech utlity key
Ranger Rescue Entry Tool
Rotary phone (hard to find item)
Fire safe
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Jetboil flash cooking
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Hawke's Special Forces handboo
#44: Telephone with a LAN line.
Have you abandoned your LAN line to save money and go
wireless? There are several good reasons go back and get a
retro cool LAN line and get yourself a regular phone:
  • Cell phone towers don't respond well after a disaster.
    Cell phones will be jammed after a major disaster! It has
    happened before and it will happen again.
  • 911 can hone your location: The problem with cell phones
    is that 911 can't hone your location because you're a
    moving target, whereas 911 easily hones your location to
    your address. In an ordinary situation, you'll want the
    emergency responders to get to your locale quickly.
  • Never misplace your phone: If you've ever lost your cell
    phone, you will appreciate always knowing where your
    phone is located where you've plugged it.
  • Cell phone operation: Every cell phone operates a bit
    differently, which may be a bit challenging for family
    members who are older or younger.
  • LAN lines generally do better in emergencies. Even in an
    ordinary blackout, your phone will work, though this won't
    be the case in an EMP. Your battery may run out on the cell
    phone, but you'll always have access to an ordinary phone.
  • Fidelity. The top reason to keep the LAN line is for the
    convenience of maintaining one telephone number for the
    family. It's hard to part with the number your friends and
    family have memorized.

#45:  Tow strap.
Get yourself "unstuck" in a car emergency with a tow strap. The
strong polyester Neiko tow strap, pictured in yellow has a
maximum pulling at 10,000 lbs. With two safety hooks on both
ends, it allows for easy and fast hook ups and releases.

#46: Instructions for building a wood gasifier.
You've always wanted to build a wood gasifier and now you can
do it. Learn to make wood gas for combustion engines with
Project Box "Build a Wood Gasifier Yourself," pictured
immediate right. This project box on the topic "Wood gasifier"
includes 491 exciting patents on the fascinating technology.
#42: Sand bags.
Nobody buys sandbags until they need them, and when you
need them, the stores are out because of high demand! Sand
bags are immensely helpful to preppers, not only to keep the
water out, but to keep the bullets out too! Get several hundred
bags. You'll need them.

how to fill a sandbag. Normally the task is a two-person
operation. The video is clever indeed.

#43: Ranger Rescue Entry Tool.
The Ranger Rescue Entry Tool, pictured below is a professional
grade tool. It combines the functionality of five separate
devices into one universal head design. Use the Ranger Rescue
Entry Tool  as an axe, pry bar, hydrant wrench, gas shut off and
spanner wrench (2 1/2" hoses and water mains). This tool is a
necessity for all emergency and rescue professionals, and a real
luxury for preppers.
#37: Food saver.
There's so much you can do with a food saver, besides saving
your food! Check out these
prepping tips for your food saver.

#38: Bolt cutter.
Why would you need a bolt cutter? Cut bolts, chains, threaded
rods, and wires with ease using a bolt cutter. Get the survival
gear you need in a World Without Rule of Law.

#39: Bucket lid opener.
Surely, preppers know the importance of having multiple can
openers on hand, but few preppers considered the importance of
a bucket lid opener for their bulk freeze dried preps. Prying open
an emergency bucket will be much easier with the appropriate
lid opener, as the red one pictured right.

#40: Survival Knife Multi Tool.
No list of survival items would be complete without listing a
knife. We know you have several knives in your arsenal, but did
you know there are distinct features of a "survival knife"? See
the HOWcast video with expert Dan Delavan by clicking the link
"What is a Survival knife?" right, to understand and appreciate
the complexity of a survival knife. Then you'll wonder how you
ever overlooked owning this great find. Hey, you can always add
another knife to your collection, now can't you?

#41: Leatherman Skeletool.
Another good multi tool to own is the classic Leatherman.
Lighten your load with the
Leatherman Skeletool Multitool and
boost your survival skills! The Skeletool boasts a premium
stainless steel blade, pliers, a universal bit driver, and a
carabiner/bottle opener ... and that's it. At a mere 5 ounces the
new, full-sized multi tool keeps weight and volume to a
minimum without sacrificing quality and true functionality, and
that's what the Skeletool is all about. Many multi tools have
multiple options, but they’re often heavier -- and they're loaded
with more features than most people actually need on a regular
basis. Conversely, pocket knives are light and streamlined, but
they render themselves useless when the task calls for a more
versatile tool. Enter the new Skeletool platform, offering
minimal weight, compact size and endless capabilities. And with
the Skeletool's integrated, removable pocket clip, you can easily
clip this tool onto a belt, a pack, or a vest -- with no sheath or
tote required.
#26: Crank lantern / Crank headlamp.
Seriously, you don't yet have a crank lantern? Even if you have
a crank lantern, you may not have known about the hand crank
headlamp, pictured immediate left. For around $7 you can own
this cool survival gadget.  Just one-minute of winding gives
approximately 90 minutes of light! Truly it is amazing. Crank it
up and be enlightened. Learn more about an
Pulse. They also make solar headlamps!

#27: Splinter remover.
Use Splinter Out with the sterile point to gently loosen the skin
around a splinter until it can be lifted out. The beauty is that
they are sterile and disposable, helping to prevent infection.

#28. Needles and thread (and more safety pins).
Sewing is an often overlooked prepper necessity so head to the
fabric store today for clear thread, which will work for virtually
all your sewing needs. What's more, needles don't last for ever
and they are an inexpensive find at the dollar stores as a set or
as part of a mini sewing kit. These mini sewing kits, ideal for
bugout bags, usually include needles, thread and tiny scissors,
which is why a sewing kit is also #29 on the list of
99 ways to
spend a buck at the dollar stores.

#29: Treadle Powered Sewing Machine.
The Janome 712T treadle sewing machine, pictured immediate
right, allows you to sew with no electrical power. This is an off-
grid sewing machine!

#30: Window insulation kit.
Repair windows in a pinch and keep the wind and weather out
of your house. With the
3M indoor window insulator kit, you can
lower your heating bills during the winter and make your home
more energy-efficient. See the video by clicking on the link to
the 3M Window Insulator Kit, pictured immediate right. It may
help with pandemic or chemical attacks too, as

#31: Nebo Eco Lantern.
Nebo Eco Lantern is a portable, reliable energy-saving lantern
with 24 super bright energy efficient white LEDs that guarantee
continuous supreme illumination. The Nebo Eco Lantern uses a
6V 2.5AH Valve Regulated Rechargeable Battery to give you
supreme illumination every time! This lantern generates and
stores power by 4 methods of charging: Solar power, AC power,
DC power and wind up. No batteries needed. EVER, just super
bright white light whenever you need it.

#32: Rubber hip boots (a.k.a. hip waders).
Rubber hip boots work well in all weather conditions to keep
you warm and comfortable while fishing or clamming.

#33: Spear gun or a flair gun.
A spear gun is on our list of weapons that are not weapons.
Consider owning one, just in case the weapons you currently
have become illegal. Likewise, a flair gun is on the list of
weapons that are not weapons.

#34: Book of Native, Edible Plants in your Area.
Take advantage of the natural food resources around you.
Dandelions are
edible! Pioneers ate dandelions along the
Oregon Trail to supplement their food stores. Acorns were a
staple of the Native American diet. Learn to live off the land.
Read Edible Wild Plants, pictured immediate ;left, by John
Kallas, Phd., who takes you on a journey of wild foods from dirt
to plate, including wild spinach, chickweed, mallow, purslane,
curly dock, sheep sorrel, wood sorrel, field mustard, wintercress,
garlic mustard and more.

#35: Cammenga Tritium Lensatic Compass.
The U.S. Military Cammenga 3H Tritium Lensatic Compass,
pictured immediate right, is battle tested through rigorous
shock, water, sand proof, and functional from -50 degrees F to
+150 degrees F. It's the best of the best! Seven Tritium Micro
Lights allow for navigation in low-light conditions, without the
need for a flashlight or any other light source. Tritium Micro
Lights remain luminous for over twelve years, maintenance-free.
Equipped with a magnifying lens, sight wire, and dial
graduations in both degrees and mils to ensure accurate
readings. The Copper Induction Damping System slow the
rotation of the magnet without the use of liquids. Built to last
with an aluminum frame and waterproof housing.

#36: Deer Cart.
Save your back and get the big bucks off with the Guide Gear
Aluminum Deer Cart, pictured right. It hauls up to 250 lbs. Roll
your downed deer out, all so effortlessly. This balanced,
aluminum Cart is Herculean strong with zero weight on the
handle. What a drag it would be if you missed this golden
opportunity to cart a deer. You'll find other uses for the deer
cart as well. Read
prepper carts for more ideas.
fire blanket
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#47: Furniture stilts (bed lifters).
More space equals more preps to save your life. Create extra
storage space for your preps with furniture stilts placed selectively
under the beds. Pictured left in mahogany, bed lifters raise your
bed in minutes, giving you a space-efficient storage area, which will
in turn leave you more room for your preps. These solid wood bed
risers can be stacked to give you even more underbed storage
space. These bed risers fit casters, square and round bed posts.
One set of blocks will raise your bed 2 3/4" to 3 1/2". Add another
set of blocks to gain up to 7" in height!

#48: Space saver vacuum bags.
With all the survival gear you've amassed, you'll need a way to
store your wares. You'll triple your storage space with Space Saver
bags, pictured right. The best part is that the gear inside will stay
warm and dry mitigating flood damage. They are airtight,
waterproof, and reusable! They also protects against bugs, moths,
dirt, mildew and odors.

#49: Bicycle parts.
Bikes will be among the most valuable possessions in an off-grid
world. Consider
bugging out by bike! The bicycle will be an
important vehicle after an EMP event or in extreme economic
disasters when fuel is outrageously out priced. Keep your bicycle in
top shape and ensure you have the following:
  • inner tube backups and pump
  • bike chain links (pay attention to the size of the chain Link
    before ordering)
  • chain oil
  • tools to repair

#50: Bidet or Perineal Irrigation Bottle.
When SHTF and you start using your toilet paper reserves, the day
will come when you don't have a single roll left. What then? First,
discover how the ancients wiped their bums. Next, get yourself a
bidet (if you have an ample water supply) or craft one yourself with
a spray bottle. Read
When the Toilet Paper Runs out.

Master List of Prepping Supplies
  1. Alcohol: Even if you don't drink, preppers should stock
    alcohol ~ rubbing alcohol for first aid and also spirits for
  2. Antibiotics: You may not have access to antibiotics from
    the doctor, so consider the natural antibiotics available to
    you now.
  3. Antibacterials: Good hygiene is the start of being happy
    and healthy. Go beyond antibacterial soap and find
  4. Antiseptics: Neosporin (or polysporin if you are allergic)
    are only the beginning.
  5. Ammunition.
  6. Aspirin: 11 Weird (and not so weird) uses of aspirin for
  7. Axe / hatchet and sharpener for wood chopping. Learn
    also about the importance of a Pulaski axe.
  8. Bic lighter. A BIC is a favorite of many survivalists,
    including Mykel Hawke.
  9. Blankets: Stock up on both mylar and wool blankets.
    Mylar is lightweight and helps you retain 90% of body
    heat (it's essential for you bugout bag). A fire-resistant
    wool blanket for first aid is a valuable prep to own and
    ideal for Winterizing your vehicle.
  10. Bleach:10 Things you should know about bleach before
    you buy too much. Consider Steramine tablets as a
    bleach alternative.
  11. Bugout bag
  12. Bugout bike
  13. Boots (hiking, work boots). Stash an extra pair of good
    walking shoes in your car and another at the office.
  14. Borax
  15. Bucket Openers. You'll need a way to open your food
  16. Buckets of Emergency Food. Bulk Emergency food (three
    months minimum)
  17. Cable ties
  18. Camp stove
  19. Camp solar shower.
  20. Compass and maps
  21. Communications (cell phone, weather Radio, CB, HAM
    radio, two wave radio, walkie talkies)
  22. Candles (emergency candles) and candlemaking supplies
  23. Canned foodmeats, fruits, vegetables, soups, stews,
  24. Can Openers – multiples for redundancy
  25. Carts – hauling food, water, wood, and equipment
  26. Chemical suit.
  27. Chewing gum. Chew on this: Gum could help save your
    life in a survival situation and we'll show you how, so
    don't over look this inexpensive part of your preps!
  28. Cigarettes  – for tinder and bartering
  29. Citrus - prevent scurvy malnutrition.
  30. Cordage - paracord
  31. Dehydrator
  32. Duct tape
  33. Dental aid dental medic kit, dental wax, braces kit
  34. Dental Hygiene –  dental floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste,
    mouthwash (which is an antiseptic!)
  35. Disinfectants (chlorine bleach, Steramine tablets)
  36. Drink mixes, powdered milk, and other emergency drinks
  37. Essential Oils. When medicines are not available,
    preppers will be turning to wisdom of the centuries with
    tinctures and essential oils.
  38. Electrolytes – Pedialyte, Saltstick Electrolyte Capsules
  39. Epsom Salt
  40. Flashlights – LED, hand crank, and solar
  41. Flu Mask
  42. Firearms (guns and ammunition)
  43. Fire extinguishers
  44. Fire starters – BIC lighter, matches (including waterproof
    matches), flint, fire steel, magnesium fire starter
  45. Freeze dried foods Augason Farms, Honeyville Farms,
    Mountain House, Legacy Foods, bucket of potatoes.
  46. Fishing gear – fishing pole and reel, fishing line, lures,
    swivels, sinkers, tackle box
  47. First Aid supplies – bandages, butterfly bandages, finger
    cots, finger splints, smelling salts, (see also Medic Bag)
  48. Fuel – kerosene, propane, white gas
  49. Gas Mask – Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) gas
  50. Gardening tools – rake, hoe, planters (see also shovel
    and spade)
  51. Generator
  52. Grains
  53. Grain mill
  54. Hammer and nails
  55. Heirloom, non-GMO Survival Seeds.
  56. Home defense tools – barbed wire
  57. Homestead supplies – chicken wire (aka poultry netting)
    and garden staples,
  58. Hunting – alternate gear including, BB gun, crossbow,
    snare wire, slingshot, pellet gun
  59. Hygiene – cloth diapers, plastic diapers, sanitary napkins
    or tampons, adult diapers, wipes
  60. Hydrogen peroxide
  61. Immunity Boosters - Vitamins
  62. Knives (fixed blade knives)
  63. Knives (folding knives )
  64. Lanterns  – solar, gas, hand crank
  65. Laundryoff grid washing machine, centrifugal dryer,
    washboards, clothes pins and washing line
  66. Pandemic Personal Protective Equipment – chemical and
    splash resistant, disposable clothing, booties  pandemic
    mask, goggles, nitrile gloves, gauntlet gloves
  67. Protein bars, energy bars, cereal bars, granola bars
  68. Manual kitchen tools – butter churn, cheesecloth, cheese
    wax, manual egg beater,  manual knife sharpener, juice
    press, corn husker, heavy duty apple /potato peeler, pea
  69. Mason jars
  70. Medic Bag and first responder supplies – scalpels,
  71. Morale boosters – chewing gum, coffee, hard candy,
  72. Powdered milk.
  73. Pressure cooker – for home canning
  74. Rain barrels
  75. Rice and beans
  76. Respirator – Niosh certified (e.g., N100 or N95)
  77. Salt
  78. Saw, plus saw horses, clamp
  79. Screwdriver and screws
  80. Seed vault (non-GMO, heirloom seeds)
  81. Sewing Kit –  sewing notions (needles, thread, sewing
    awl), patterns, treadle-powered sewing machine
  82. Soap laundry
  83. Solar chargers  – cell phone solar batteries
  84. Shoe repair –inserts, laces (or thin paracord), rubber
    heels savers and soles. Shoe Goo
  85. Shovel and spade
  86. Silver and colloidal silver
  87. Spices
  88. SuperGlue
  89. Survival Guide(we recommend Mykel Hawke’s Survival
  90. Steramine tablets, pictured right
  91. Tarps (green or camouflaged, not blue)
  92. Tent, car camper recreational vehicle, temporary shelter
    or bugout location
  93. Toilet paper
  94. Thermometer, no touch (infrared) or disposable, digital
    and analog
  95. Vaseline
  96. Vinegar
  97. Vehicle essentials – jumper cables, fluids, tire repair kit,
    tire chains, tow straps
  98. WD-40  –  a good all-around lubricant
  99. Wood, seasoned.
  100. Water filtration system and water purification system
    (there is a difference).
  101. Water Storage. If you have kids, you'll want a 260-gallon
    water tank that will ensure a family of four has water for
    three months.

Happy endings...
Your list of prepper necessities will depend on your location, group
size, medical needs and budget. There's no such thing as a
comprehensive supply list for prepping. Your needs will change,
new products will become available, your food wares will expire.
One thing's for sure: just about anything you buy now for survival
will be useful later. Prep while you still can!

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