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Above, is a composting toilet built with the comforts of home. The box next
to the toilet paper roll is filled with peat moss composting material.

  • Option #6: Outhouse. An outhouse is a classic option for off-
    grid waste management that's extremely popular in Alaska
    where sewage is more challenging. Survivopedia.com has an
    excellent article on how to build an outhouse.

  • Option #7: Septic tank. Septic tanks are popular in New
    Mexico. You can hire someone to install a septic system,
    however, homeowners are responsible for the outcome of
    sizing the system and completing the permit paperwork.

Waste Management #2: Sewage Treatment.
Disposing of human waste properly is just one concern after a
long-term emergency when the municipal sewer system will shut
down. There's also the stench. Below are some sewage treatment
options to keep the

  • Aqua-Kem Toss Ins Holding Tank Deodorant: Pictured left,
    the Aqua-Kem Toss Ins is a holding tank deodorant in water
    soluble packs that's conveniently pre-measured.  Specially
    formulated for RV and marine holding tanks and all portable
    toilets, it's biodegradable, has  fresh scent and is safe for
    septic tanks.

  • Bio Clean: Natural Bacteria Enzymes found in Bio Clean can
    help you treat any type of raw sewage pit or cesspool. The
    bacteria used in Bio-Clean is grown in incubators and then
    dried and mixed with enzymes and other helpers. They lie
    dormant until they are mixed with water, and then it is
    hungry and active in about 30 minutes. Each piece of
    bacteria eats its own weight in waste in about one minute,
    but they also multiply. Bio Clean is a specially formulated
    blend of natural bacteria and powerful enzymes that digest
    dead organic waste material. Ideal for septic tanks, Happy
    Preppers will find it extremely useful and environmentally
    friendly product for processing waste.

  • RID-X: The powder formula of RID-X is scientifically
    formulated with special bacteria and enzymes to digest
    household waste. Simultaneously RID-X replenishes the
    delicate balance of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that help
    reduce the rate of sludge accumulation in your tank. RID-
    breaks down toilet paper, vegetable matter; while the lipase
    breaks down fats, oils, and grease; and protease breaks
    down proteins; and amylase breaks down starches.

Waste Management #3:  Other Sanitation Supplies.

  • Bleach. Sanitizing with bleach is a popular and economical
    method for preppers to deal with sanitation. But note that
    bleach expires! A good alternative to bleach is Steramine
    tablets, pictured immediate left. One  bottle makes 150
    gallons of cleaning solution!

  • Steramine Tablets. Steramine Quaternary sanitizing tablets
    is an economical household sanitizer for preppers. One bottle
    makes 150 gallons of cleaning. Steramine sanitizing tablets
    do not irritate the skin and it's fine to use on food
    equipment. Mix one tablet with a gallon of water and use in
    the bathroom or kitchen. Spray on knives and butchering
    equipment, and cutting boards, sinks, countertops, and all
    other non-porous articles and surfaces. Made in the U.S.A.

  • Toilet paper. Having adequate supply of toilet paper is a "no
    brainer" for preppers. In the aftermath of an economic
    catastrophe, it's possible for the production of toilet paper to
    run out. It might also become too dangerous to source toilet
    paper because of a pandemic or rioting. Don't even think of
    resorting to wiping with the pages of a telephone books,
    when you can simply plan ahead. Stock up when things go on
    sale. Cottonelle, pictured right, can be mailed to your door
    by Amazon. Discover what people did before toilet paper.
    You'll always need an option for when the toilet paper runs

  • Paper towels. While preppers remember the toilet paper,
    they often forget the paper towels. Buy paper towels in bulk
    and have them handy for the times when someone in the
    family has an illness or infection or for when a pandemic

  • Infectious Waste Bags. Stock up on infectious waste bags
    to deal with human waste in a pandemic situation. Infectious
    waste, such as vomit, requires proper disposal. Here's how
    to clean up vomit.

  • Bidet. Not often on the list of other prepper Web sites, a
    bidet is an unusual prep. A bidet is a water bath for your
    genital and anal area. In the old days a bidet was common
    and was simply an oval basin. Today a bidet is often used
    for recovering from childbirth to keep the area clean. For a
    sanitizing effect, you'll need only small bottle with the
    appropriate hygienic water stream angle, such as Blue Bidet,
    pictured at the top right-hand corner of the page. Blue Bidet
    costs under $10 and could be one of the more important
    survival items in your arsenal.

  • Double Doodie: Double Doodie bags will contain the
    Luggable Loo toilet system. Trash bag may perform the same
    function. But for biohazardous waste in a pandemic
    situation, you'll want further controls, such as infectious
    waste bags. Pictured at the top of the page, Double Doodie
    toilet waste bags are designed for easy, no mess waste
    disposal. Each bag consists of an inner bag and an outer bag
    that seals easily and is leak proof. Use Double Doodie with
    Luggable Loo toilets as well as most other portable toilets.

  • Latex Gloves. If you don't have latex gloves, now's the time
    to stock up. Not only are they valuable in your first aid kit,
    and in pandemic situations, but you'll need a barrier between
    you and contaminants in sewage disposal or other unsavory

Off-grid waste disposal is something you must consider well
before an emergency happens. It's not just how to handle your
sewage, but how to use the grey water, and how to deal with
vomit and bodily excretions in a pandemic situation or other kinds
of infectious waste.

Happy endings...
Waste not! Want not waste. You could build an Shrek-style
outhouse, but if you're the typical prepper a camping toilet will do
so that you can set up a toilet with a septic or sewer system.

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Waste Disposal
Prepper's guide to handling human waste, grey water, more

Off-grid waste disposal.
Proper handling of feces, urine and vomit when the stuff hits the
fan is among the most important of survival tasks. Diseases
spread easily through soil and water pollution from such human
waste. Pathogens and parasitic diseases spread from man to
livestock and back to man and the cycle continues. Human
excrement is a breeding place for flies that can also carry

Managing and disposing human waste is vital to your health and
survival whether you're dealing with a long-term emergency or
enjoying off-grid living and self reliance on your homestead.
Below is your guide to off-grid waste management and disposal...

Guide to Off-grid Waste Disposal
One of the major benefits of living the off-grid life is that you're
already disconnected from the municipal sewage system. It's
major a benefit because your family will have an off-grid waste
management system in place in a long term emergency.

Without proper hygiene and waste management, you can contract
many diseases and illnesses:
  • cholera
  • diarrhea
  • dysentery
  • intestinal parasitic worms
  • rodents scurrying to your compost also will spread disease
  • salmonella
  • trachoma
  • typhoid
  • Mosquitoes are another factor stemming from poor sanitation
    as they will hover over any standing water leaving you
    vulnerable to Zika virus or Dengue fever.

Have a plan to deal with human waste:

Waste Management #1: Camping Toilet.
A camping prepper toilet is a basic survival and emergency item.
Certainly a camping toilet will get you started, but ultimately
you'll need a more elaborate latrine if you're preparing for long-
term emergency or building your off-grid home.

In living the off-grid life, you're not part of the municipal sewage
system and you really must have a system in place. The list
below are your options starting from the most basic to more
elaborate waste management systems.

  • Option #1: Biffy bag. When you've got to go, you've got to
    go! With a Biffy bag, you tie the 2 straps around your waist,
    pull the bag up between your legs, bend knees slightly and
    let gravity do the rest, no bucket, no odor, no mess. You get
    a triple layer odor proof protection, with effervescent Biffy
    powder, which is bio-degradable. Biffy Bag comes with a
    heavy duty mylar zip top transport bag, ample toilet paper,
    and over size wet wipe. Great for your bugout vehicle, the
    Biffy Bag fits in your glove box, tackle box, tool box, back
    pack, or purse. Here's how to use the Biffy Bag (as seen on
    National Geographic).

    Option #2: Luggable Loo Portable Toilet. The five-gallon
    bucket toilet system, pictured above right, is the most
    economically priced portable toilet you can use for camping
    and emergency preparedness. It's a bucket style toilet with a
    traditional snap-on, hinged seat and cover  and is compatible
    with standard Double Doodie bag from Reliance Products.
    There's virtually no clean-up and waste disposal is a snap
    when used together. This waste disposal system is for short
    term emergencies ~ for a long term emergency, such as an
    EMP, you'll need something more substantial ~ but for short
    term emergencies it will help keep things sanitary and help
    prevent illness. You can also buy a Luggable Loo lid that you
    an affix to an empty bucket.

  • Option #3 Portable Toilet set. Pictured right in red, the
    portable toilet set includes the bucket and latrine seat
    comes complete with 5 liners (infectious waste bags), 5
    chemical toilet packs with deodorizer, as well as toilet paper,
    gloves for sanitary changing and even hand sanitizer.
    They've thought of everything for short term emergencies.

    Option #4: Porta Potty. The Porta Potty pictured immediate
    right, is a sturdy portable toilet. It features a home-like
    design. It operates on batteries to flush, an integrates a
    toilet paper holder. A great value at around $125, this waste
    management solution is odorless and leak proof! The
    portable toilet has a sealed valve to prevent odors from
    escaping and a rotating pour-out spout for emptying the
    waste water tank without backsplashes. Ideal for a couple or
    small family living the off-the-grid lifestyle, this toilet
    system has a 4 gallons fresh water tank capacity and a 5.5
    gallons waste water capacity. You'll then need to have a
    method for

    Option #5: Composting Toilet: A compositing toilet has the
    benefit of using human waste for fertilizing the soil or at
    least integrating it safely into the environment. If you're
    setting up an off-grid bugout location that you can use as a
    rustic vacation property, consider a composting toilet.
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