dozens of homesteading uses of zote soap

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#10: Make a pin cushion.
Yeah, this one is a bit out there, but it's nice to know you always
have an extra bar of soap handy should you need it. To make a
zote soap pin cushion, just wrap a pretty piece of fabric around
and secure in place with pins!

#11: Unstick a zipper.
Zippers get stuck and need a little extra gliding action with which
Zote soap easily assists you. Got a tent zipper that's stuck? Have
a hoodie zipper that won't budge?  Now you know to use zote

#12: Gardening.
Pre-treat your hands for heavy duty gardening work with Zote
soap. Zote has the obvious use of cleaning dirty hands, but you
can also use this amazing soap as a pre-treatment to gardening
without gloves. Before you get into the dirty business of
gardening, rub the dry soap under your fingernails. Zote will keep
the dirt out and will later help you create a nice foamy lather
when it's time to get rid of the dirt in your hands.

Non-prepper uses of Zote Soap:
  1. Makeup brush cleaning
  2. Fill nail holes in your walls.
  3. Leather softener
  4. Air freshener - keep your car smelling nice. Leave a bar of
    soap in the console every now and again to get that fresh
    clean scent
  5. And it's the best soap for carving. It's a great product for
    young whittlers!

The basic natural ingredients used in the manufacture of ZOTE
are the same used to make bath soaps; therefore, these are non-
abrasive ingredients, which make ZOTE the ideal product to wash
delicate garments which may be damaged in the washing machine
(such as sweaters, knitwear and underwear), preserving them in
good conditions and extending their life. In view of this
characteristic, a lot of people use it to wash the clothes of people
with sensitive skin or baby's clothes. In spite of the above, it has
outstanding cleaning properties which make it ideal to pre-wash
shirt necks and cuffs and to remove difficult stains. Another of
the distinctive features of ZOTE is its fragrance: essential
citronella oil, a plant that originally came from Europe, which
posseses a pleasant smell similar to lime; thanks to this
ingredient, the clothes washed with ZOTE smell fresh and
fragrant for several days.

Zote Soap versus Fels Naptha: the prepper bar fight
Zote soap apears to be the prepper's favorite; however, there is
one area that Fels Naptha beats Zote...

  • Win: Fels-Naptha has claims to remove poison ivy resin from
    skin and clothing. As a home remedy for exposure to poison
    ivy and other skin irritants, Fels-Naptha beats Zote.

Happy endings...
Zote soap is a homesteading favorite. Safe for delicate clothes,
Zote is a high quality laundry soap and can be confidently used
for washing your family clothes and so much more.

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Catfish Bait recipe
14.1oz Zote Soap
1 /4 cup water
1/4 bacon fat
4 clover of minced garlic
Grate soap and add enough water to melt soap over low heat. Stir
in bacon fat and garlic. Pour into molds to shape your bait

#3: Zote soap is an effective mosquito repellent.
Did Laura Ingall's Wilder and her pa "smudge out mosquitoes"
using Zote soap? Little House Living speculates that a "pink bar
which they put around the doors and windows to keep out the
bugs," must have been Zote soap! It's an interesting theory that
Pa used Zote soap as a mosquito repellent. Because it has
citronella, it makes a great  
mosquito repellent and pest repellent.

#4: Pest deterrent.
Zote soap can deter pests in addition to mosquitoes! Here's a list
of pests:  

  • Rodents. Rats and mice don't like an ingredient in Zote soap
    ~ citronella.

  • Cats. Got a pesky cat visiting your garden? Get rid your
    feline unfriend with Zote soap, too.  

  • Deer.  Oh, dear if you don't want deer in the garden, the
    hang up bars of Zote soap in meshbag sachets or even
    pantyhose. Deer don't like Zote soap and will head

Unfortunately, the citronella will attract bears, so don't bring Zote
soap to the camp ground unless you lock it up in a bear proof
locker away from camp.

#5: Repair leaking pipes (temporarily).
You may need time until the plumber comes or until you can find
the materials and tools you need to fix it! In such a case, here's
how repair tubes or pipes: make a mix of soap and sugar. The
paste is enough to temporarily clog the hole.

#6: Make a Zote soap sachet for drawers and stinky
Zote soap can help freshen your garments even before you put
them on:

  • Drawers. Put a bar of Zote soap in your lingerie drawers.

  • Shoes. There is no better place for the clean fragrance of
    Zote soap than in your stinky shoes to deodorize. Just park a
    bar in the foot of each shoe until the next time you use them.

  • Closets. Keep your garments smelling fresh with sachets in
    the closet, too.

#7: Clean and lubricate tools with Zote soap.
Here are more interesting ways to use Zote:

  • Clean your pruning shears with Zote soap. Pruning shears
    require you clean with every cut. This cumbersome task is to
    ensure that disease doesn't spread, and Zote soap can help.

  • Unstick a sticky hinge. The squeaky hinge gets the soap!
    Rub a bit of moistened soap along the hinge and lubricate.

  • Loosen a stiff door lock with Zote soap. In the same way
    you'd unstick a hinge, moisten and lubricate.

  • Lubricate screws with Zote soap. Moisten, lubricate.

#8: Degreaser oven cleaner.
Zote soap is an effective degreaser for heavy duty oven cleaning.  
Rub a moistend bar on the inside of your oven, then wipe away
the grease.

#9: Dishwashing liquid.
While many use Zote soap for the laundry, few recognize that
Zote soap is an effective degreaser for your dishes. It's gentle
enough that you can use it as a liquid hand soap too!

How to make dishwashing liquid from Zote soap:
Powdered Laundry Soap recipe
The recipe for homemade laundry detergent is:
1 Cup grated Zote Soap
1/2 Cup Washing Soda
1/2 Cup Borax

#2: Zote soap as fishing bait for catfish!
Internet lore has it that you can make catfish bait using Zote
soap. The manufacturer also swears by it. The truth is that while
you can catch catfish using Zote soap, its really not that easy.
The guy below caught catfish without any bacon at all (and using
only the pink Zote soap:
How to make liquid laundry soap:
The liquid laundry soap recipe below, by uses
pink Zote soap, but you could use the white kind.
Zote Soap
Uses for Zote soap around the homestead and for survival

Soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul!
Zote soap is a simple, chemical free soap is made of beef tallow
and coconut oil, salt (sodium chloride), glycerin, and a hint of oil
of citronella. A prepping and homesteading favorite, discover
dozens of uses for Zote soap...

Dozens of Uses of Zote soap
There are dozens of uses for a bar of Zote soap:

#1: Laundry detergent.
Starting with the obvious, Zote soap is an excellent start for
making home made laundry detergent as it is non-abrasive for
delicates. It's made of coconut oil, and citronella oils and it's
organic and safe.

Zote soap as a home made laundry detergent is safe enough for
baby laundry.  Use the bar directly on the stain or pair the soap
corrugated washboard for any easy stain remover.

As a laundry detergent Zote is ideal as it is low-sudsing, and
there are no phosphates. There are many recipes for making
laundry detergent from Zote soap. You can make laundry tablets,
laundry powder or laundry detergent powder...

How to make laundry tablets:
The homemade laundry tablets recipe uses Zote competitor, Fels
Naptha, but concedes that you can also use Zote soap.
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